Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1"I'm getting dumb! I need to start school!"-Simon, trying to convince me to start homeschool a week early.

It worked, we started today. I am so excited!! It's a bit like playing teacher as a kid, but with real students and legal ramifications if you get bored playing.

2I've been hit on twice in two days. I'm pretty sure one guy was gay and just kidding around and the second guy was wearing a hair net, so...It still did this mama's heart good, though. Makes me giggle. Not in a fornicatin' kinda way, but in a, "If you only knew I drive a mini-van full of children for a living and haven't shaved my legs in a week" kinda way.

3"Ha...you're so weak."-Felix, as we were comparing biceps. He said it so non-chalantly, so jock-ishly, so dismissingly.

4Sturd. A new word I came up with to describe my handsome, yet aggravating children. Stud + turd.

5The boys and I arrived late to church the other day. After walking in on an Oreo snack, I have decided I shall volunteer at church. For something, anything, so long as it is food related. Oreos for two year olds at 9:30 in the morning is not okay. Neither are marshmallows, fruit loops, little debbie snack cakes, icing covered graham crackers or jelly beans. I do understand maintaining control over a group of two year olds is a bit like herding cats(to borrow a phrase from my dad), but still, there must be better alternatives.

6While on the subject of food, I am staring down my nose a little at the beef recall patrons. Does anybody stop and wonder as to why one recall covers SO MANY PEOPLE? SO MANY STORES? Research.

I heard a snippet about it on the radio today. The radio hostess asked exasperatedly, "What's left to eat? Ding-dongs? I'm scared of my food! har har har" No, Ding-dong, it's opinions like that that have us in this situation. A ding dong is not food. Neither is the beef 99% of Americans are buying. You should be scared of your food if you're buying it at big box stores.

7I hear all the time, all. the. time., how it's too expensive to eat local/organic. We did a quick cost analysis of a FULL meal we had last night:

1 small chicken(enough to feed the five of us +), purchased at the farmer's market from a local farmer: $7.30
1 organic salad mix from Whole Foods($3.99::we only used half, with enough left over for another meal): $2.00
1 organic cantaloupe: $1.99
4 slices of Rudis Organic Nut & Oat bread($3::only used 1/4 of the loaf): $.75
5 glasses of local, grade A milk(1/3 of the gallon::nomnomnom): about...$2

So around $14 to feed a family of five, with enough left over for Sean to take to work today. I spent $27 at Chipotle for two burrito bowls + nachos the other day, so forgive me if I roll my eyes at the statement, "It's too expensive to eat healthy/organic/local/anything other than McDainty's. By the by, Chipotle is OFF the list, Freebirds is way cheaper when the hankering for nachos comes 'round.

We don't eat huge meals like that every night, so this was on the more costly end of the spectrum.

8I had a dream the other night that Titus was twins. Even my psyche recognizes the terrible twos, how funny. This is why my advice to all new mothers is to have another one before their little angel turns two. He's smart about his stankness. For instance, instead of throwing himself to the floor on linoleum to have a trantrum, he walks to a carpeted area first. Smart little sturd.

9Parents should never threaten their children when in front of the camera. Parents should never talk ugly toward their children when attempting a family photo. It will backfire. Every single time. Parents should instead offer them unicorns and lollipops to get their young ones to smile willingly and look like cherubs in the potrait portion of their family documents. I say that. I know that. I get that. And yet, when attempting to get a few happy snaps of my own kids and there are 100 bad pictures for every keeper...

Notice, I left the "Production Area" sign up in the top one. I cloned it out in most of the pictures, but after realizing what a PRODUCTION it was, the sign seemed appropriate.

10This kid thinks he's a dog 99% of the time, hence, the tongue.


Corey said...

1. we started this week too. it is a LOT like playing teacher LOL!
2. at least you still got it, girl!
3-4. LOL!
5. Yes, they do this at my church too :-/ but I only have 2 more weeks in the nursery and then BOTH my kids will go in to 'real church' as they call it. no more babies! WHA!
6. I finally watched FOOD INC. it explains a lot!
7. The only thing I haven't gone local or organic with is meat. I just haven't found a good source yet. Well except that local + organic deer I have in my freezer!
8. My neighbor's baby is coming up on two...I just sit back and laugh. Now that I don't have one...2 year olds are funny!
9. LOL! so true. 5 minutes before my little shoot with Jake the other night I was screaming at him to GET HIS KHAKI SHORTS ON NOW! and YOU BETTER GET HAPPY!
10. he's so dang cute!

Jude said...

i am beginning to worry... what am I going to feed you when you come visit me? I will have to make a run to whole foods ;) You are worth it!

Jude said...

my word verification was "splegers"... that needs to be a new word we use, but for what I am not sure yet ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

why would anyone feed that crap to their kids at 9:30 in the morning you have to be kidding me!!

But with that said...Jude don't go to Whole Foods....Chrissy said she's been craving Ding Dongs for days now!! LOL

I cannot believe that little sturd went over to the carpet to fling himself on the floor...how did you possibly hold in the laughter???