Monday, August 29, 2011


"I love my new teacher."-Felix, grinning at me with his little crab apple cheek bones with just a touch of pink, while looking at me from up under his super long eye-lashes.

"...and his parents, they work at home, like you...!"-Simon, telling me about the main characters parents in a super tough, very impressive, way over his head book he picked out at the library. It did my heart good to hear that. :)
"Felix, they don't teach you stuff like this in regular school. Like, it was all waaaaay easy."-Simon, to his fellow student.

He's right, the math he's learning is pretty advanced and I'm noticing habits he learned and got away with in "regular school." I hear, "It doesn't matter" and "Mrs. So&So didn't care if I did it like that," quite often.

He's caught on that this Mrs. So&So does care and does make him do it correctly, even if it means starting over.

Two weeks into this gig, I am loving it...even if every day isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Despite a few idle threats of having to "write until your hand falls off," there have definitely been more good moments than bad.


Anonymous said...

Glad it is going well! How are you liking Story of the World? I bought it and we have yet to start that one.

Corey said...

awe, i'm so glad you chose to do this too, this year! I had the whole Mrs. So-n-So thing going on last year too! I can totally relate. We worked long and hard to bust through all the laziness. well...we're still busting through it! I'm feeling better now than when I wrote my post earlier. I have to remind myself that we just can not do every. single. thing. And I do not have to do it all now either.
do you do every subject every day? just curious as to your schedule :)

Jude said...

so glad it is going well!! :)