Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How is it Tuesday?

This week has flown by. Lots happening around here and we're all just trying to get back to some sense of normal. Or at least find a new sense of normal.

1 We love where we are right now. Fort Sam is fun, there's tons to do and the location is central to everywhere we want to be.

2 There's a road just outside one of the gates called Harry Wurzbach. The GPS on my phone pronounces it, "Harry Wars-bitch" and it makes me laugh every time. I am the most immature person I know. Sean can be mid-conversation and I'll shush him, just to hear my phone say it.

3 We use the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery gate a lot. It's depressing. I almost turned in the other day to get some pictures to document the vastness of it. Sadly, there was a funeral in progress. The next day, there was a couple putting flowers on a different headstone. Today, there were two funerals going simultaneously. I'm noticing a trend and it breaks my heart. :(

4 Is it just me or did people on Facebook make a bigger deal out of the Chinook crash than the US media did? What a shame. Just 31 more reasons to get out of there--in my opinion.

5 I bought the rest of the kiddos homeschool curriculum yesterday. Yikes, expensive, but super exciting.

6 I rock Tito to sleep every night now. It's my favorite ten-sixty minutes of the day.

7 I got ripped off by an unassuming farmer the other day at the Walzem Rd. Farmer's Market. There is now only ONE farmer there I trust(Miller Farms, love him). I wanted some cantaloupe and this "farmer" was just pulling some from the back of his truck. He talked me into buying three as he bagged them up without my having seen them. I got them home and realized they had PLU stickers on 'em! Not even organic PLUs. Luckily, I visit Walzem Rd. Farmer's Market every week and I plan to have a chat with him Saturday. In front of customers.

8 I am super behind on Project Life. Just as soon as I replenish some ink, I'll be back in business.

9 Sean released his AFIT application to AFPC yesterday. Finally. We'll know if he's in or not by November. In the mean time, he's training, training, training for deployment. Fun times.

10 Off to a photoshoot. I have tons of pictures to upload, but the internet connection here is very hit or miss. No good for blogging.


Jude said...

the cemetery, that would be gutting. sorry :(
can't wait to hear about scool for Sean... how long until you know??

Corey said...

sorry i haven't commented in a while! I'm just now feeling about 97% of normal since my surgery last week. So do you have a date for Sean's deployment? If he gets into school, does he not have to deploy? Sorry, I have no idea how these military things work!

nicole said...

i was just at a farmers market on thursday and walked behind a booth (to get around a few very SLOW people) and saw their entire truck filled with produce boxes that i see at my grocery store...what a huge let down! now I know to ask if they actually grew the stuff they are selling themselves!

Brown English Muffin said...

Why do I want to hear my GPS say bitch like yours?? Too funny!

My tears swelled up when I watched a CNN segment on the son of the Chinook Pilot begging CNN to NOT forget about his dad, and asking why he keeps seeing pictures of all the soldiers that died but not his dad...ughh it hurts even now to think about it. Just imagine the day when facebook replaces our media for news...hmmm

PLU stickers ewwwww I'd be heated!!