Monday, August 01, 2011

Lucy Dangerfield

I feel as though I've time warped into a Lucy episode, with a touch of Dangerfield in the respect department.
It was a injury type episode of Lucy as I attempted to move a bookshelf on my own. It collapsed, gloriously, right on my ankle. I was home alone, so I had no audience for my show. As I fell to the ground, holding my leg, my crying turned to laughter as I recalled this youtube video. It's sooooo not funny, but
Where do I even begin? The sense of deja vu is crazy as it seems we just moved and I was just blog complaining about that move. This is funny complaining though, so it doesn't count in the Negative Nelly category.

You know you've got a friend when people bring their manpower for move assist. Is there any process in life worse than moving? Despite the excitement of a new place, new home, new adventures, the actual sorting, packing and lifting part is just no good.

The menfold got most of the big stuff moved over a few days ago, but yesterday was sspend dealing with that 10% of debatable goods. The stuff you would really rather just throw away, but know you'll need eventually and won't want to re-buy. The stuff you pack half heartedly that will likely be smashed or never found anyways. The stuff that just kills any motivation to finish the move and leaves you asking things like, "How illegal is arson, really?"

The thing about this move that's different is that we're storing the big stuff, but keeping about four months worth of stuff with us. We're in a major holding pattern right now and don't know what to do. We're going to camp(yep, literally) out on base for a bit and just wait. The RV has certainly shaken things up a bit...

Late into the night two nights ago we were dealing with that 10%. Yesterday, still. This afternoon, we decided to run one more load of stuff out to the RV. We made it here with about twenty minutes before Sean had to leave for work. Luckily, one of the bonuses to camping is that work is literally around the corner. Regardless, he was sweaty and tired and in no mood for foolishness. He wanted to "hook up the water real quick" so we could flush and wash and brush teeth and all that jazz.

I came in with the kiddos as it was a "real quick" thing and started unpacking something. I heard running water, but it seemed a bit more geiserly than usual. It seemed really loud. One peek into the bathroom and I yelled, "SHUT IT OFF! SHUT IT OFF!" Only, Sean couldn't hear me.

Apparently, the pressure was a bit much and the cold water knob in the bathroom sink couldn't handle it. It flooded the bathroom, sprayed the walls, ceiling, everything. Because of the broken water.

No worries. I told Sean days ago that we were pioneers and this was our covered wagon. His reply was about how much the wagon costs and how many repairs we're having to make. He has no imagination. :) Nor does he appreciate my cheery disposition about motorhome costs when he's wrestling a knob back on that insists on blasting him in the face with severley pressurized water.

Once he got dried off and headed to work, I decided my babies deserved dinner out.

I eventually found my way to a Jason's Deli where we had a splendid dinner. I decided to try a back way to the base(that I took once in the daylight while following someone who knew where they were going). At almost ten o'clock at night with three kiddos that need sleep in the worst possible way. The bad news, it took me almost two hours to get on base. The good news, I've found several places around the city to purchase crack should anyone have need.

My wonderful new phone with fancy schmancy navigation would NOT show me how to get "home." I pulled into a parking lot at one point to talk it into working. As we were sitting, waiting to hear the robotic British voice speak sweet, sweet directions at us, Felix came up to the front seat as usual. Any time we pause, he unbuckles. He was jumping around in the car, adding to my frustration when I hear, "Mommy, I need a drink. HURRY! I NEED A DRINK!" I was all, "What? Why? What's wrong?!" He was holding his mouth, so I thought maybe he grabbed a mint that was too minty or something at Jason's. Turns out, it was a sucker that I didn't even know he had. Luckily, the stick had already come unattached and he choked the ginormous sucker down. Scared the crap out of me.

Sean was in a part of the hospital with no reception and the worst part about it all is that I knew where I was, just not how to get on base. I found three different gates, all of which were closed. I ended up downtown, circling the Towers of the Americas and ready to give up. Saturday night downtown, wow. Never. Never ever ever again.

Once I finally found an open gate, all was well.

During the two hour trek of feeling like Adventures in Babysitting, I was full of what-were-we-thinking moments. The AC is jacked up, the water junk is...junk, I can't find my way around downtown, I need space, I can't live in an RV with three kids!

When I finally got ahold of Sean, after leaving him messages of me freaking out not knowing where I was and leaving cross streets should we get caught in cross fire and crying about Felix almost dying on a sucker and and and(I left a lot of messages), he seemed a bit doubtful that we could pull this off, too.

But we can and it's gonna be awesome. Just wait and see.

*That was all two days ago. Yesterday, things got worse. The short version, Sean stayed up over 40 hours, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and then had the landlord walk in and ask, "Did you clean at all?"

Note: if you need to stay awake for an obnoxious amount of time...Starbux Grande Americana double shot. It did lead to speaking with an Irish accent around hour 39, but other than that, Sean was very chill. :)


Jude said...

oh my. So sorry Chrissy. and the landlord... wow. just trying to keep his deposit I am guessing. :(

hippo chick said...

That's an ugly looking ankle. Did it hurt as bad as it looks?

You always amaze me with your ability to see the cup half full. That makes all things easier to bear.

You will be you well know. Keep the faith.

~hippo hugs~