Monday, September 26, 2011

baby cakes

I love that Titus doesn't want to be a big boy. He is fine being the baby. He flourishes in the attention he gets as the baby. The other two wanted to be big boys from the second they knew such beings existed.

Every so often, when I'm feeling indulgent, I'll buy a lemon tea cake from Whole Foods. They don't last long 'round these parts. I tend to hide it on a high shelf...

This afternoon, I was holding T for one reason or another and he spied it on the counter. "I wan-it! I wan I wan I wan cake."

"That's mommy's cake." I replied greedily, "I want BAAAAAABY CAAAAAAAKE!" I gobbled and zerberted his stomach. Then I offered a piece of baby cake to both brothers. I am generous with baby cake.

I did give in and share the real cake, I'm not evil. I know that boy, though, and true to his nature he only ate the tippity top off the piece. The place where the icing lives. "I done, Mommy. I ate i-seen. I not want it. You ca-have it."

A while later, we were lazing about watching Toy Story and he leaned over and said, "I want mommy cake," and bit my leg.
For the rest of the day, I called him Baby Cakes and he called me Mommy Cakes and that is exactly the type of silliness I want to remember when dementia kicks in.


Brown English Muffin said...

Mmmmm lemon tea cake sounds good!!!

What an adorable story there's no way you'll forget that no matter how bad the dementia!!!

nicole said...

William tells me all the time - "Mama you can call me baby william whenever you want" he loves being the baby too...much just be the dynamic of being the third and realizing staying little isn't all bad :)

Jude said...

aw, so cute :)
Alden got offended when I called him my baby the other day. "I four now!" I had to explain why he would always be my baby, and now he seems to have warmed up to the idea ;)
(PS my word verification is "Venti" I think that means you are supposed to go get some starbucks today!)