Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dear 2012 Presidential Candidate,

I do not care if you are a man or woman.
I do not care if you are red or yellow, black or white.
I do not care if you talk like a politician or if your hair is perfectly coiffed in a presidential manner.

I do care about your record.

I do not care what you have to say about the economy, really. It's all been said and yet, look where we are.
I do not care what you say about God, we'll see it in the walk, not the talk.

I don't care what letter follows your name, R or D. In fact, I would prefer neither.
I don't care what the media thinks of you, though I believe most Americans with half a brain cell have figured out their games.

I don't get my news from the television anyways.

The main issue for me, despite the lack of attention from the media, is the war. August was the deadliest month for our troops since the war began. Ten years, almost, of lives lost, families destroyed, money spent. It is an issue that affects every single one of us, yet it's been put on the back burner.

The website above is pretty handy. It stacks up all the records of each candidate and how they voted on the big issues. The war is alllllllllllllll the way at the bottom, but it's the first one I looked at.

Bachman, paying for people to attend the Iowa Caucas, cute.
Romney, it's a shame they keep your record on record, huh? You might as well be a Bush.
Perry, HA! Scumbag from Texas, are you a Bush?

Obama, need I bother?
Is there anyone who can say with a straight face that they applaud him as president? For all of his worshippers who slam Bush all the time, it's amazing they don't see their similarities. Obama just followed right in his footsteps. I saw an Obama bumper sticker today, from the last election. Dude, I would gnaw that thing off with my teeth. Ain't no shame in voting errors, just do better next time...and for Pete's sake, don't announce to the world who you voted for via paint damaging stickers on your car. Announce it on your blog, where you can go back and edit should they turn out to be a looooo-sa.

Back to the issues...

Last week I was at the Commissary. A guy in a motorized wheelchair rolled in front of my car. It's not an uncommon site here on Ft Sam, unfortunately. As he lagged behind his wife, I had a minute to watch them interact. It hit me like a ton of bricks, he was no older than Sean. The wife, like me, was loading groceries into their mini van full of kids. He had no legs.

A few days later, I was at the PX, on the hunt for a plastic Nemo. A kid, literally, had to be eighteen, casts on both legs and an arm that looked like the skin had been removed with a razor blade. He was just there, shopping like it was just your average dvd run.

I ran into an acquaintance at the kid's school when I was handing in some paperwork. Her husband is deployed. They have two kids. They're broke and have been separated for half their marriage thanks to the war. She's moving in with a friend and her sister tells me their marriage isn't going to last. He doesn't know his wife, let alone their kids.

My sister told me about a friend from "home." His mom and I kept in touch during Sean's deployments as they were both in AfG at the same time. He's back over there again and was recently injured enough to receive a purple heart.

Another guy, the same age Sean was when we got married. No legs, a spinal injury, brain injury and trach. His wife isn't even old enough to buy alcohol and she's having to deal with life and death situations.

What's it going to take? This war has crippled our economy. More so, it has crippled our people.
The ones who are lucky enough to make it back with all their limbs still suffer.

The physical, the emotional, the psychological.

What about the marriages?
What about the kids?
What about the long term?

Why don't people care?

I'm ready for a Revolution.


Jude said...

i think we forget as a country that are still SO many soldiers over there, losing their lives daily :(

ps, lol at the gnuffing off the bumper sticker comment ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

I laughed at "... most Americans with half a brain cell have figured out their games."

Does anyone really believe the media any more anyway? If I want to really know something I go on Twitter! LOL

Question though...if all wars ceased to exist what would Sean do?