Friday, September 23, 2011


It's been one of those days...

I've been in the natural funk that comes along with my bud not coming home every night, but it's more than that. The only word I can use to describe where I'm at is discouraged. I want it to be November already. I want to know if Sean's going to school or deploying or both. I want to know if we can settle back in to Texas life or if we need to get Maryland in our mindset. I'm content, right where I'm at, I just get a little anxious from time to time.

I was encouraged to hear the Sean is reading my blog while he's away. Thought now my be a good time to work in a birthday wish list to this-a-here document. :) Kidding. I only want a small, retro typewriter that works. That I am able to find ribbon for easily. In teal or an equally peppy color. For $15 or less. Oh, and the final season of Frasier.

In an effort to appear in our story more than once a year, I had Simon pick up the camera a few mornings ago. It was a few days after we ran into a sweet old couple out walking their dog in the RV park. "Enjoy them while they're little," she said, "because soon they'll be grown and they don't come back."

After looking through these, I decided that they will be ones I pull out and mail to the boys when they're "grown and don't come back." Or the one's I'll look at when I'm missing the feel of that soft, white hair.

When Titus wakes up, he comes and breathes his morning breath up in my face, quietly demanding, "Bay nilk juice(berry milk juice)." He will say it again and again and again until he has a cup in hand. These pictures are real and raw and uneditted aside from a small bump in light. We're fresh from sleep, funky, and with morning breath. I should be embarrassed to even post them, but I kind of love them. Face bumps, no make up, crap hair and all.

 This guy actually asked to jump in the pictures. I think it was more to aggravate Titus than anything. A fight did ensue, but at least I got some happy snaps with my middle.
I love his face. It's his content face. Content, safe, secure...but trying not to show all of his emotion.

The photographer. This boy is going to make the greatest husband some day. He makes me feel pretty, but more than that, he makes me feel comfortable when I am the subject. I think that is a very special gift. If you don't have an eight year old to make you feel special, get one.
That said, he was madder than crap that this was not a paid photoshoot. Somehow, he'd worked out in his head that if he took pictures of me and T, he'd get some money out of the deal. We compromised with the promise of ice cream. I kinda, sorta reneged on that this evening, but I will follow through at some point.


jessica said...

Hang in there :(.

Ps I would be thrilled if my 'done' hair looked half as swell as your 'crap' hair.

Brown English Muffin said...

I got sad at first but then your pictures cheered me up.

Corey said...

oh Simon! that is so something Jake would do...whine about the money. LOL!
I may have to let go of my control freakness and let Jake take some pics.
These are wonderful, Chrissy. Treasures.

nicole said...

sounds like jack too...always wondering what he can do to get money - or doing things and then stating that it is going to cost me x amount :)

he is really good better pay him a little something to keep him on the payroll!

Jude said...

whoa, how long has your hair grown!?!?! It looks great, and they are awesome photos. hang in there, november will be here before you know it.