Thursday, September 22, 2011


How's the motorhome?

I hear that question a lot these days. I figure I ought to jot down these memories while they're there.

How's the motorhome? How is living in a space the size of our old living room? With three boys?

Well lemme tell ya...

It is temporary. It is fiscally responsible. It is a small stepping stone towards financial freedom. It is a lesson in learning what you can live with; an even bigger lesson in learning what you can live without.

Oddly enough, this beast on wheels has brought us more comfort in the past six weeks than stress. Well, that's not entirely true. The first four days or so were entirely stressful, but it wasn't just Mack. Six weeks later, with the air conditioning working, life is a breeze.

This is home. For now.

The joy of an RV vs a fifth wheel is that the front three feet or so are completely wasted when it comes to living space. Putting the big computer there is about all the function we get out of it. I only use that computer for pictures, a laptop for everything else.
Not a great picture of the couch...area(?) and dinette(that's what it's called in RV world in an attempt to make something small seem quaint. It's actually just small. And FABRIC. Spilled milk on fabric, whole new ball game).

This(the couch folds down into a contraption of torture. I will never complain about my real mattress again) is where the man and I sleep. Actually, he's sleeping in a cushy hotel at the moment(deployment training) and I make sure to give him a hard time about it.
I could not get a decent picture of the "kitchen." 
As you can see, I have about one square foot of counter space. The microwave is a complete waste of space as we don't use it. See for the reason why...We store our Costco box of Keurig pods in it. :) Our produce department, Keurig and water filter(it's a Berky Light if you're in the market) take up the rest of my counter space. It kinda stinks to have such a monstrous thing as a water filter when space is limited, but it's the price I'll pay not to have my brain swiss cheesed by flouride.
 The toilet half of the bathroom.
The bedroom. I interrupted Simon's Star Wars time, so I didn't get many pictures. The two bigs sleep in the bed.
 This is the other half of the bathroom. Closets, shower, storage, the likes.

 Behind the mirrored doors is a closet where ALL of our clothes reside.

It's not at all like camping. It's like living in an RV.

The kids are aggravating, but they were aggravating in a big house.
The dishes are never ending, but they were never ending in a big house.

Pretty much the only difference is that there is something called a black tank and it has to be dumped.

NOT a girl job. Not a girl job at all. I, however, had the pleasure of doing it last night. Thanks to the aforementioned deployment training. It's just a lever that you pull, but the mental aspect of exactly what is being done is enough to make one gag. Such is life.

I often remind myself that this was my idea. I came up with the plan that we pay off as much debt as possible before Sean starts school. This is how we're doing it. Three(ish) months of non-conventional living and we're sitting pretty with the finances.

So far, so good.


Corey said...

Dude, your place is swanky! I'm not being condescending. I really think so! You've done a great job at making it work. The thing that so many of us forget is you really DON'T need a bunch of stuff to be happy. Sometimes making do, is so much better.
I can not believe you and Sean gave up the big bed! I totally understand why you did though. It makes more sense that way for yours and their sake. :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Funny panning around the room if I didn't know better it looks like a hotel room! So neat and organized! I lived in an RV for about a year, it was very interesting and made me totally rethink how to utilize space.

Jude said...

you can do it! it looks great, and i am forever awed that you emptied the tank... eeew!

nicole said...

my hat (if i ever actually wore one) is totally off to you for taking it on...but honestly so good for you for knowing what you need to do to make it work and sticking it out with that plan. Your ability to take anything on always amazes me!