Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's important?

Keeping in touch with friends.
What's not important...Facebook.

I have more friends hidden than visible-
How much simpler life would be if I was "friends" with actual friends?
Cranking down the accessibility of ye olde time suck. Really gotta get some apps so I'm not signing in just b/c I'm bored.

Any suggestions for apps? Games? Recipe apps?

Taking pictures.
What's not important...making money to do so.

I've found myself comparing my pictures to so many other, better photographers out there. It's tough. It seems like everybody with a camera is a photographer these days. That exact statement hurt my feelings not too long ago, but it's true. If my style appeals to someone and they wish to give me money to document their lives, I consider myself lucky. I will gladly do it. But at the same time, I can't compare. There will always be someone(a lot of someones, actually) better than me and that's okay.

I bought a camera to document our lives. That's it. I like pictures. I like memories. I like the challenging aspect of making and taking pictures, but in the end, it's just another hobby. Another time consuming thing.

It's been a very Lamentations kinda day. Everything is for nothing, it seems. Everywhere I look, the world is going to hell.

Moving on...

This little piece of me is important. I want to get back in the habit of blogging the daily things. The reason I started this thing in the first place.

On 9/11...kinda hard to forget when every day of your life is a reminder, especially passing this place every single day. Memorial services taking place every day. EVERY. DAY. Seeing soldiers with missing limbs, having so many facets of our own lives determined by what that day set into motion.
Red, sweaty, mis-matched children. Love. Love. Not two seconds after I took this little document of brotherly tolerance, T leaned back and kicked F in the back. Which led to a tackle. Which led to another hug. Circle of life around here.

For example: We were at Whole Foods today and this prim and proper woman was literally biting her tongue not to say something as she watched my boys fist fight in the produce department. She was hovering and kept opening her mouth to say something. They were both laughing, the punches weren't all that hard and they were both getting licks in.

I've been single parenting this week. Enough said? 

Another day, another set of pictures:
 Simon with his breakfast of choice, cinnamon sugar bread
 Same spot, different kid.
To complete the theme...same spot, different kid, all doing something that defines them right now.

Not a lot of places to climb in the motor home. This kid has found them all. The front seat, he climbs. The cabinets in the back that lead to jewelry and medicines and all things "keep out of reach," he climbs.

Friday, we woke up to the sound of rain. Glorious rain.

I threw caution(and fear of ringworm) to the wind and let the boys splash in a puddle. Somehow 'splash' was misconstrued as 'swim.'

We decided the humidity was tolerable enough to head to the Quadrangle. A little San Antone secret, the Quadrangle. Tito was asleep when we got there, but we had to wake him up to see the peacock.
This deer is the friendliest. She has some fon-kay teeth, but it almost looks like she's smiling. Added to her charm.
After the fun of feeding the animals a whole bag of carrots, I pictured my children grateful and willing to pose for pictures. 
 Not quite and here's why...

Tanks and helicopters vs pictures with mom...yeah.

Good times, this ordinary life.
Cherishing every moment of it and realizing just what's important.


jessica said...


I've decided the problem with fb is that it's about having the relationships, not actually about THE relationships.

I owe you some titles -- will send tomorrow.


Jude said...

where have you been hiding?!?! I know you don't like LOL, but I did LOL at the FB statement... SO true.
Sobering photo of the cemetery.
How are the boys liking being in the motorhome? How are YOU liking it?

Corey said...

I love your every day pictures. :)
The whole photography thing. It's so true. SO,so true. I decided that I like taking pics for me, for our family. And though it's fun sometimes, I really don't like it that much for other people. It kinda takes the fun out of it.

Brown English Muffin said...

ughhhhh finally you're back...and you're back to the good old days...just posting randomness that's important to you, what you see, what moves you and what you love....I love these kinds of post...

fb....ughhh stick figure down throat and whatever comes out comes not feeling it for right now.