Thursday, October 27, 2011

10 on Thursday

1. Looks like deployment # 2 is a go.

2. I have grand plans for me and the boys to globe trot this go-round. There's a high probability that will consist only of one major trip east that ends in a small town in South Carolina.

3. Super excited that we won't just get left behind with no plans of our own.

4. The list of all the things we're going to do and people we're going to see while there is already growing.

5. I'm a little concerned about what we're going to eat. Last I knew, Florence had no Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. Is the Farmer's Market something to look forward to? I am eager to build another network, but man alive am I going to miss my dairy farmer.

6. As much as we've known this was coming and as prepared as I thought I was, weird things are starting to get to me. Tonight it was Titus saying, "Less pray, Daddy." when Sean was tucking him in.

7. Counting our blessings that this is a shorter deployment than the last. It's just a few weeks less, but it's enough to get him back in time for school. Hopefully.

8. I'm not thinking about the fact that we aren't coming back to Texas. Not sure when that one's going to sink in, but I'm avoiding it. Not ready to say good-bye to a whole lotta people.

9. Bethesda, MD is the plan at the moment. Really hoping it doesn't get boogered up.

10. As excited as I am about seeing our family,
as stoked as the kids will be to live in the country,
as nuts as I am to learn how to raise chickens(Chris, do you still read? I'm comin' to learn, Farmer),
as elated as I am to meet my brother's fifth child before she turns one(hopefully),
as giddy over the chaos as one can possibly get,
as ready as I am to supervise packers...

with thoughts of sipping coffee with my sister on her patio,
being there for the family get togethers,
trying to grasp the concept of crocheting with my mom,
dinners out with Grandpa,
flying with my dad,
driving in a town that I don't have to take an interstate to get anywhere,

knowing I'll be close to this chick and her brood(!!!),
knowing we get to start a new adventure,
knowing we're just that much closer to reaching some financial goals...

All that goodness doesn't make up for the fact that my bud's leaving. Again.

Such is the life, right? We really are as excited as a family can be about being separated. It's not ideal, but we came through the last deployment stronger for it. With that, I am off  to see just what kinda housing Bethesda has to offer...


Corey said...

well I'm so glad you finally have some answers to those questions you've been waiting on. selfishly bummbed that you won't be coming this way. :( But I'm happy and sad for you all at the same time.
I didn't realize how close Bethesda is to DC. Maybe I'll convince Pete we need a homeschool trip to the Smithsonian :D

Lisa said...

Aww Chrissy. I'm always here if you need to talk. Love you!

Jude said...

cannot wait. seriously cannot wait! :)

Kolt and Susannah said...

i'm crying reading this. i SO don't want you guys to go, i have no clue what i'm supposed to do in SA without you. i'm very happy for what your future holds. i just pray we get to live in the same city again. i miss you so much.

Brown English Muffin said...

I used to live in Arnold, MD 5 minutes from Bethesda, MD...I always remember hearing that some of the best school in MD were in Bethesda.

I honestly think besides the separation you'll love it...especially riding the metro.