Monday, October 03, 2011

Dad's back

I didn't tell the kids Sean was coming home til the day of. I usually wait until we're on our way to get him, but for whatever reason, I announced mid-day that he was a-comin'. And I heard nothing BUT until we got him. Lucky for me, it was a late flight. After dinner, we made some signs and got on our way. Fort Sam is in the landing pattern, that's how close we are to the airport. All day long, we watch planes come and go. Yet, we left an hour and a half before Sean was due to arrive. 

After walking both terminals, many, many times, we decided to wait outside. I reasoned the heat may slow the little boogers down. Negative. 
 Simon's sign.
 Felix deciding he wants Simon's sign.
Before this picture, he had been bouncing to and fro across the benches. I was that mom, snooping around on facebook while my children ran amok. What can I say? It was a long couple of weeks. Plus, it was just us, save a few taxis and a couple other bedraggled mothers picking up their husbands with obnoxious, over-tired children in tow.

The only reason he's standing still in this picture...a girl. She was about his age, I guess. She was waiting at the curb with her mother and shot him a look over her shoulder. Just like that, my boy aged. Suddenly, he was too cool to be jumping around like a kid. As soon as she left, he was back to acting like a dweeb, but for a minute, I got a sedate kiddo.
This one slept until he heard his Dad.

And just like that, our lives are back to (our) normal.


Corey said...

love it. ♥

Brown English Muffin said...

I ♥ this one.....ever been to Fort Drum yet?

nicole said...

love. love. glad he is back home with you!