Monday, October 10, 2011

last picture first...

This note and lego heart were taped to the couch last night. It says, "Mommy please don't be mad."
Which is funny, because the same kid had asked me just minutes before, as I was literally hosing him down, "Are you still mad? You don't look mad." I wasn't even all that mad to begin with. There was no yelling, just frustration. Let me clue you in...
It rained all morning yesterday. I thought it would be a pj day, but alas, the sun came out just as I started baking cookies. The kiddos wanted to go outside. I gave them one instruction: No puddles on the bikes. I even gave them my reasoning in vivid detail.

They listened for a time. Felix played restaurant with T through the screen door. That's Simon in the picture, though. He quit playing with him just seconds after this picture. You see his hand in the door? You see Tito's arm ready to guillotine Simon's fingers? No one heeds my warnings in this house.
After that bit of fun, Titus decided he wanted to go outside with the bigs. Again, I gave strict instruction: "Stay on the patio," I said. I realized moments later that I should've given more instructions. It's funny, just two days ago, my friend Kerrie had the status update, "Texas...the only place I know where it rains and still no mud."

This would be our "good cooler."
Just wait and see what this little patch of mud turns into...
Titus, dragging the good cooler along to do more damage.
 Felix, confused as to why I want to document the mud on the front of his shirt...
and back. Guess which kid didn't listen to my "no bikes in puddles" instruction.
The final picture is taken by me, from inside. I couldn't get a picture of the patio. They had been throwing clumps of mud at each other. It was a disaster. For weeks, we will be tracking mud into the motorhome. I was still in the process of baking cookies and didn't realize what was happening when they were shouting, "TURDS!"

When I took all these pictures, the damage had already been done. To the patio, their clothes, shoes, side of the motorhome...I told them they couldn't come inside until they'd figured out a way to clean it all up. They worked together, figured it out
and made an even bigger mess as they tried to get the mud back into the grass.

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Corey said...

come on mom, mud is fun! ;-P