Sunday, October 09, 2011

My two year old

has an awful lot of attitude.
He's picked up quite a few jewels from his brothers(and possibly me?). It is really hard not to laugh.

There is no funnier statement than that child yelling, "You a big JURT, WHEAT!"

There is no funnier altercation than watching a two year old give Sean what-for. Last night, Sean was back in their room for the bazillionth time telling them to quit goofing off and go to bed. What do I hear before Sean has even finished his statement?

"Shut it, Da-ee! I kick you ow-side!"

Obviously not okay. At all. Disrespect ain't hot, but I'll be durned if it wasn't the funniest thing ever from the outside listening in.

Not as funny was the sudden downpour that started around midnight and continued all. night. long. I have two that didn't like thunderstorms before the drought. Now, they are terrified and confused when they hear rain on the roof. I ended up in bed with all three. Titus is no fan of sleeping in one spot. I woke up with his body completely draped over my head at one point. He was saying, "I hold you." He was asleep before my sarcastic question of, "What exactly do you consider this?" was out.

Luckily, my arm got used to no feeling and my feet, hanging out from the 1/8th of the Hulk blanket that Felix was kind enough to share with me, warmed to the idea of cold. I can't stand having cold feet.

Simon said he asked God in the middle of the night to make it keep raining. Prayer answered, it rained all morning. Computer games and movies, snacks and reading commenced.

I finally kicked the kiddos outside when the sun reappeared along with a breezy 80 degrees. As I attempted to get them off their butts, Mr. T yelled at me, "I punch you ow-side, MO-MAY!"

While I appreciate that he keeps his domestic violence out of doors, I decided to try and nip that form of bad behavior in the bud. As I started in on him, "That is unacceptable young man...," he leaned around his chair and shook his fist at me, "I punch YOU!" he yelled, making distinct, threatening eye contact, "OW-SIDE!"

It was the shaking of the fist. It did me in. I could not contain my laughter.

The three spent a good bit of their afternoon outside and we got a head start on bedtime so it wouldn't be as insane as last night. I would count tonight a success, complete with no threats from the two year old.


Corey said...

Oh my goodness, toddlers are funny! I NEVER thought that until I didn't have any anymore! Our neighbors have a 18mth little boy. He cracks me up. I can not help but laugh every time he gets indignant with his mother. He's #3 and the baby of the family too. Maybe that's why it's funnier??

jessica said...

:). Thank you for making me feel so much better about my own indignant children. One of whom proclaims every act of disobedience as a mistake... As in, "i pooped on the driveway but that's ok mom, it was just a mistake...."

love that pic of T, good catch!

Jude said...

i admit it, i used to giggle when my nephew would cuss at my mom's dog at age two. ;)

Allison said...