Saturday, October 08, 2011

on blogging

A couple of people mentioned that I haven't been blogging much lately. I thought that I had picked up some in this area, but if more of me is what is needed, who am I to deny such things? Ha!
I don't even know what to blog about most days. I've always looked at this outlet like a letter to me in the future. I type like I'm talking to a friend. I try to be as honest as possible without talking about things I deem too personal, which isn't much in the grand scheme of things.

My sister told me today that my dad asks her all the time, "Did you read your sister's blog today?"

For some reason it made me tear up to know that my family cares enough to log on and hear what I have to say. As the baby of the family, it feeds my attention seeking.

I have been missing my family so badly lately. I'm usually good to go, embracing this life, knowing the distance just comes with the package. It's the big stuff that I hate missing. Like my brother coming home. Birthdays, ball games, concerts, sipping coffee on the patio, talking about life face to face. Maybe not all big things, but the longer we're apart, the bigger they seem.

Well, this post is going nowhere and I have chocolate hemp milk to buy. Titus can't go even one cup of milk without a little mixed in. Lest you think I'm sweetening my child's drink with marijuana, please read the article. I didn't discover it by some hippy means, just noticed it on the shelf at Whole Foods and decided to try it. Before hemp milk, I was using a whey protein powder as a way to get Titus to drink his milk. Turns out, whey protein is too fragile to powder. Good to know.

With that, I am off to dodge rudeness at Whole Foods. Nothing I enjoy more than taking three kids into a store with no room for more than one cart on an aisle.

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Corey said...

why is it that Whole Foods everywhere carry SNOBS for customers? Not you, of course. :-)