Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This kiddo

has given me a complex.
 I was tucking him in tonight and he starts with, "I two, Mommy."
 "You're not two! You're just a baby."-I said.
"You my big baaaaaby," he replied, laughing his real laugh.
Which, of course, caused me to laugh. His laugh is infectious.
My laugh made him laugh harder and this is where my new complex comes in...
He was totally making fun of me. He was laughing his laugh, but adding these dramatic inhalations afterwards. As I recounted the story to Sean, he said, "Yep, that's you."
Doesn't everyone inhale sharply after a guffaw?
If you don't inhale after all the exhaling, how do you not pass out?
Either way, I am now entirely conscious of how I laugh.
All thanks to this little cheese head.
We finished the conversation with me asking, "If I'm the baby, are you the daddy?"
"Noooooooo-ugh!"-he replied dramatically.
"Well then...what are you?"-I asked.
"I TWO!"-duh.
You know what, I'll deal with strange inhalation patterns if it means I get to laugh with this kiddo.


aron said...

His eyes kill me!!! Sooooooo Cute!!!

Corey said...

hey--at least you MAKE a sound when you laugh. sometimes when i really get to laughing, no sound comes out at all. the mouth is open, the body is jiggling, i'm inhaling and exhaling yet NO SOUND.That is embarrassing! people make fun of it all the time.

Brown English Muffin said...

I didn't hear a word you just said...I was totally memorized by his eyes.. TOTALLY