Monday, October 03, 2011


We thought about going to the beach, but opted for outlet shopping($70 $23 shoes for Simon) & Landa Park instead. Spending six hours in the car was beat out by the allure of filthy geese and crowds.

When jogging the kids memory, I said, "Landa Park, remember? Where we went with Ms. Jessica and Mr. Josh and you guys played tag?" I didn't think that part through too thoroughly and poor T's heart was broken when we got there. "Where's Lae-tchen? I wan-see-Emmareeeeee!" Oops. 

After snapping this mottled jewel of a memory, I tucked my camera away and soaked up the images of being together. This little tdy was a reminder of what is to come. :/
We rounded out the day by playing some hide & seek. I pulled the camera back out in the hopes of getting some golden hour prettiness. It was a no-go on the prettiness, but I got the story down.
 Counting and peeking.

My absolute favorite capture of the day. Simon's counting, Sean and Felix are hiding. See em? Sean's old ace is gonna break a hip playing with the boys one day. I can just feel it.
This guy decimated one of my favorite shirts with chocolate milk.
He also gave away all the good hiding spots, much to the amusement of the seekers. Aggravated many a brother.
It's a good thing he's cute.
Don't know how this picture made it into the "post" folder, but it is noteworthy that it is finally, finally cool enough to wear long pants. It only made it up to 91 yesterday.
This guy was equal parts attitude and...well, no, he was mostly attitude. Can't you just see it in his face? Twerp.
I was able to talk him into taking some pictures, though. He and Simon were both quite disappointed when they came for their pay. "You said you'd pay us!" Simon hollered. "In kisses. I said I'd pay you in kisses." Apparently, they didn't hear that part.

Feefs got this one.
Simon got quite a few, but I now realize that framing is everything and those pictures aren't going on the blog. :D

Yesterday was such a fulfilling day and we really didn't do anything spectacular. I'm trying to cling to the magic of these do-nothing days as another separation is closing in. Two more TDYs and then the big D if everything goes according to plan. Lame. I have more thoughts in this brewing, but there's a kid climbing on me talking about scissors. That's never good.


Corey said...

oh i love days like that. I'm hoping to have something like this this weekend. Pete has been gone a lot too. Not, of course, like Sean, but away none the less. We haven't had much family time lately. I'm craving a day like this!

Jude said...

great photos!! 91? does texas not participate in fall at all?!?!

Brown English Muffin said...

I just love that your kids don't simply call them Jessica and Josh but rather Ms. Jessica and Mr Josh...that's how i was raised as well....and trying to raise the little one the same but it often gets so startling glares....

Kolt and Susannah said...

So glad he's home. I look forward to the lazy days like that.

nicole said...

sounds like a lovely day. and what a great photo of the two of you!! Also kind of crazy that 91 is cool :)