Tuesday, November 01, 2011


1. November has brought the relief I was so hoping it would. Sean got the AFIT selection which was the last step to sealing the deal with school. I guess maybe the next to last step...the last step being getting home on time from his deployment.

2. Even though I knew it would be so, when he told me, I cried. Just a little.

3. I'm mentally hyperventalating due to all the changes that are a-comin'.

4. I am three weeks behind on my Project Life and I do not like it. Trying to get my children in bed before 10 tonight so I can get caught up. My only problem with this project is the ink involved and hating the photo paper I use. I do like that I've kept up with it! Looking forward to starting again at the beginning of the year.

5. New favorite author...Kristin Hannah. Night Road made me bawl my brains out. After reading two more of her books, I'm seeing a lot of similarities in characters, places. Kinda like Jodi Picoult in the predictability, but a good writer in my opinion.

6. I seem to lose things when I'm overwhelmed. In the past few months, I've lost my wallet and my military i.d. on numerous occassions. My phone goes away on a weekly basis. My powder makeup that gives me confidence...completely gone X a week and a half. I have no idea where it went. Yesterday, it was my library card. I honestly don't know how I haven't lost a kid yet. It makes me nuts. It makes Sean think I have a brain tumor. I only see it as self preservation at it's core. My brain is full and somethin' has to go. Anxious to see what gets lost this month.

7. I am avoiding thinking about the fact that we're leaving Texas. Locals, if I seem entirely weird when the subject is brought up, it's another self preservation tactic. Once that dam is broken, I fear I won't regain control of my emotions. Not ready to say good-bye yet. I had a moment yesterday, thinking about the fact that the next baby born to a Texas friend will likely be found out via facebook. That thought so discounted all of my friendships that it made my heart hurt. It's just how it goes, I guess. I'm just not ready yet.

8. "Baby!" or "You big baby!" or "You little baby!"-Mr. T's insult selections of the week.

9. Honeycrisp apples with peanut butter has been my snack of the week as a bachelorette(+3). It soothes me and detoxifies me all at the same time. Had to restock today as the +3 are gobbling them all up. The nice fella at Whole Foods gave me a discount on the first item of my STOCK UP for SC list and gave me $4 worth of pineapple free b/c Titus had scribbled over the upc code. His name is Micah and I will pick his line hence forth.

10. About apples:
"Rich in vitamin E, biotin and folic acid Good source of vitamin A, vitamin C High in natural antioxidants and detoxifiers Contains sulphur, potassium, iron, iodine, silicon, magnesium and calcium is rich in pectin which helps to lower cholesterol. It binds bile acids which can reduce the risk of colon cancer and is a natural chelator which can take up unwanted heavy metals from tissues. This is useful for fat loss and detoxification and can delay the signs of aging."-from naturalmatters.net


Jude said...

people named Micah are generally pretty great :)

Ps try to think of the friends you will be closer to!

Corey said...

i LOVE honeycrisp apples. In fact you reminded me I'm all out :( I'm behind on project life too. I just can't bring myself to sit and print pictures.
have you found any solutions to how your going to eat when you get to SC? I like hearing about your food adventures :) I haven't been to the farmers market in 2 weeks and we're all having withdrawls!

Brown English Muffin said...

I used to loose things then one day I told myself no matter what rush I'm in make sure I always put things back where they came from and then I'll always find them.

Sometimes i'm in such a rush I just throw my cell phone wherever...then I take a second and realize that I need to go back and put it in that little cell phone pocket in my purse that some nice woman in Guatemala made for me.

As I read about you the next Texas baby born all I could think about was thank for for the invention of fb....I mean while letters, and phone calls are nice, letters take time for the writer to write, then mail, and phone calls unless it's some conference call set up can only be one at a time....though I'm pulling away from fb more and more each day at least it's a fab, fast form of communication if I ever I saw one.

Note to self: My daughter will NEVER get colon cancer....I think she'd choose an apple over cake...I'll test the theory when I get home. :0)

Brown English Muffin said...

Question...do you ever think about your role in life as being an apostle? I mean one whose main purpose in life is to deliver a message?

I know I sound crazy and all...but some people are born to teach but they don't see it.....and I don't mean teach in classroom but just pass on messages in life.

I think I'm def a disciple...I love to learn I love to be the student. I have a good friend and it took her years to learn that most of life experiences be them good or bad were in fact tools for her to teach others with.

Ok that's enough of that before you think I've lost ALL my marbles!