Friday, November 11, 2011


What else could I possibly be thankful about today moreso than the Veterans?

I'm thankful for Sean.
I'm thankful for Jim.
I'm thankful for Josh.
I'm thankful for Kolt
I'm thankful for Kerrie.

I'm thankful for Helena and Isaac and Kayleigh-ann and Isabella and Alaina and Ava.
I'm thankful for Jessica and Laeken and Emery and Cal.
I'm thankful for Susannah and Leila.
I'm thankful for Tom(who could really go in both categories) and Kodi and Konner.

The spouses that I empathize with.
The kids who miss their parents.

These are the Veterans that mean something to me. The one's that are close to my heart. The one's I cry with and cry for. The one's who have deployed, are deployed and will deploy. Again and again. As Sean is closing in on his next deployment, I realize with dread this cycle of our lives. In theory, it is what it is. It's their job, it's what they signed up for, blah blah blah. Going through it, living it...that's a different story.

Thanks, guys. All of you. Not just for the deployments, but for living the military life and all that that includes.


Aron said...

You, Sean, and the boys have been on my mind and heart all day long. Our family is praying for yours. We are SO thankful for the sacrifices that you make.

Corey said...

Thank you Amport family for your service. I can't find enough words to express my thankfulness for veterans past and present.