Saturday, November 12, 2011


So thankful this kid hasn't lost his love of music. I know it's a fragile thing at such a young age, but he's a rockstar. Even if only in his own head. :D

Yesterday, he finally got up the nerve to put the words to the music. Still working on Jack Johnson's "Angel." He couldn't keep up the rhythym while singing, so it was

At one point, my child with the gift of encouragement started yelling, "I had enough! ENOUGH! I had enough!" I was trying to keep up my, "Great job!" towards Simon while shushing/laughing at Titus. Finally, T crawled up in my lap and very sincerly asked, "Mommy? You had enough? I had eeeeeee-nough."

I'm thankful he's growing up to be a boy that truly walks to his own beat. He doesn't seem to care a whole lot what others think of him{like his dad, yay!). At least boys. Obviously(!), he cares what the girls think. Watching this guy try to impress a girl is the funniest thing ever. He is so his dad. 

He is very conscious of others. Others excluding his brothers, of course.

On the way back from this very set of pictures, we passed this little old lady in the park. "Oh," he said as she approached, "it's my favorite old lady!" Y'see, when ya live in an RV park, old people are a bit like baseball cards...we have our favorites. As she passed, he threw out a, "Hi." as always, no big deal. It was that he then turned and asked, "How are you today?" in the most genuine, caring, loving way. It broke my heart a little to see this man-boy he's becoming. He's never been a selfish kid, but I didn't realize he was mature enough to think outside of himself like that. To care about some little old lady that passes us by every day. He doesn't get that he's thoughtful and it makes it that much sweeter.

Don't get me wrong, he's still a little turd in so many ways. He's just a tender hearted little turd.

Looking at that shaggy hair, I can't help but remember how bald he was not all that long ago. It seemed like it took forever for him to get hair and now look at him a month away from being nine. Ouch.

So thankful for this kid.


jessica said...

Love the pics --wow? How long have we been gone???!? 6 years? Organic hippie juice looks good on you guys! :) Just getting caught up on your posts this week -- thanks for the shout out :) -- we are ramping up around here... eek!

Hope to get a phone chat squeezed in soon -- hang in there gal. Nice verse a few days back too :). I really should keep up a little better; I've been missing out!

Corey said...

These photos are fantastic.
I love Simon's hair. I wish Jake's would do that. :)
Keep practicing, Simon! Even if your little brother has had enough. Haha!

Jude said...

love love love the pictures you got of him playing!

kimrairdon said...

Awesome post :) He really is a sweetheart. I am gonna miss that kid....

Brown English Muffin said...

Your pictures are killing me...put the camera down and step away from the flash!! LOL That first pic is an killer awesome shot!!