Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm thankful for Sean checking off a HUGE chunk of to-dos today. Despite all the extra hours he's putting in to deployment stuff, I'm thankful it's getting done.

I'm thankful that he will actually be off on his weekend off. He needs a break!

I'm thankful they're "reworking the power grid" at the campground tomorrow. No electricity from 8-3 means day trippin' for this family. Sean asked what kind of daytrip. I figured he wouldn't go for an out of towner, so I suggested boot shopping. How much ya wanna bet I get an out of towner?

I'm thankful that things are falling into place. Orders are cut, packers have been notified, reservations are being made, it's starting to feel real. It's so stinking bittersweet, but through it all, I truly am thankful for this next step we're finally taking.

I'm thankful that all my kids are in bed so I can get some me time!! Off to catch up on Project Life.


Corey said...

hope you guys found something fun to do today!

Jude said...

i can't wait for you to be closer!!!!