Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Oh my. Is it really the eighth already?

I am so thankful for this guy. I am blessed every single day by him. It has become a routine to snuggle up with him to get him to sleep before the big two. Otherwise, it becomes a circus. Some nights, he goes right to sleep, other nights it takes a while. Last night, as I was praying and thanking God for this boy, I asked him, "Do you know who God is? Do you know who Jesus is?" I just like to hear his responses from time to time. "Talk Jesus at church." he said.

"You talk about Jesus at church?"-I asked
"Yeah." he gave me in a sleepy reply.
"Do you know how much God loves you, Titus? He gave us his Son because he loves you so much."-I said.
"Jesus? Luffs me?"-his voice escalated and squeaked and I caught a tiny little sob in my throat.
"Yeah, buddy, Jesus loves you. So so so so much. And mommy and daddy and Simon and Felix love you."
"What Buddy?"
"Jesus luffs you."

Wouldn't ya know it? Those were the exact three words I needed to hear at just that moment.

I am so thankful for this little one.


Corey said...

he is so sweet!

Brown English Muffin said...

absolutely NO WORDS....wow