Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Titus was going through his list tonight: "War-ren? Jesus? Nic Nic?"-how cute is it that he thinks Jesus is his cousin, btw?"Yep," I said, urging him on with, "Isaac..."
"Whose-at?" he asked.
"Your cousin." I said
"Oh. My cun-sin? Yeah, my cun-sin. They're all mine? They're all mine!"

I'm so glad all these crazy kids are getting reacquainted.

I had a moment or two ten that I was on the verge of not being able to control my emotions over the past few days. Seeing my family all together for the first Christmas in yeeeeeeeears was enough to get me weepy. Seeing one very important piece of that family missing was enough to push me over the edge a time or two. Having my nephew(who was a skinny, little Simon-sized dude last time I saw him) walk up to me and grab me in a grown man style hug got me choking back sobs.

Distance doesn't define us. The stinking Air Force and Navy, nursing and investigating and retiredom and motherhood doesn't define us. Situations and missed birthdays and not meeting new family members until they're a year old does not define us. Heartache and missing spouses and autism doesn't define us. Little ones not remembering their cousins and mini van growth and a cat hunt during a photo shoot does not define us.
Love defines us. The love of a Savior that has rescued us vagabonds. The love of parents that have stayed together. The love of siblings, the grown ones and the little ones. The love of family. My God, how I love these people. Thank you thank you thank you for placing me in this family.


Jude said...

"they are all mine"... too cute!

Corey said...

what a wonderful picture! one of those that will be treasured for YEARS :D