Thursday, December 15, 2011


I saw a Christmas card the other day that really put me in a funk. The picture on the card was so photographically perfect. Sharp, good tones, nice pose, cute kid. After going cross eyed editting the last two weeks of snapshots, I revived the funkiness. None of my pictures are sharp. The tones suck as they're mostly indoor pictures, late in the day. I was really beating myself up and then two things happened.
Okay, three, if you count the excuse I used of not having the exact lens I want.

A friend of mine sent me a text as I was going through my crap pictures. It was a picture of her pictures hanging on her walls. Pictures I took. She said some very flattering things that totally lifted my spirits at just the right moment.

Right after that, I got to these three pictures.

In the first one, Grandpa told me I could take "one pitcha" before he started charging me. I took that to mean he wasn't thrilled to have my speedlite flashing in his face.

It was this one that got my attention. The interaction between these two men in my life. Sean was showing his Grandpa his flight suit. When I see this picture, I don't see the crappy lighting, the unsharp, blurry edges. My eyes don't notice the wall paper or the noise.

I see a man that is so incredibly lucky to have his 90 year old Grandpa still by his side. I see a man that is so full of love for his grandson. I see pride. I see a relationship that exists outside of me, outside of the history I have with Grandpa. I see the inside jokes that I laugh along with but don't really get. I see the kid Sean was and the younger version of Grandpa that I never knew. Love documented.

I'll take it. I'd rather have one true to life picture that shows love than a thousand perfect portraits that don't tell me a story.

*Note to husband who may possibly still have a Christmas present to buy: This does not mean I don't need that lens. I would like to combine both beautiful portraits and love/stories.


jessica said...

Am in a bad mood and you still made me smile :). Thanks for the uplift. And how true too. I always think of this awesome pic of josh and I from our engagement pics -- a great picture and I looked fabulous! But it totally didn't even look like me :). I know, funny.. And as much as I would like a fab-o pic of myself on my wall, we went with the other... Where my nose is the size of an orange and there are frizzy hairs everywhere and we are both truly smiling and happy. Now if only I could look hot AND happy... But this is your blog not mine so I will not ponder any further and will just say thanks for the true smile. And great family pics that you will cherish.

Brown English Muffin said...

I'm still staring at that first's mesmerizing and has so many stories to tell.

Steph G said...

Aww.. I have not kept up with your blog as much as I want to and have been reading now for over an hour. I miss you!