Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A few snapshots from the first couple of days. Sean got these happy snaps that I was so sure wouldn't turn out with the low light. I just love the sense of togetherness in these. I don't love the soda consuming going on by my loved ones, but I'm working on it. 
Don't do it!

S&I got to go on a date. I'll admit that we ended up at a local grocery store
looking for healthy consumables to sustain us while here.
Not much luck, but we'll survive.

Simon's playing basketball now. He's actually pretty good.

Monkey see...

I didn't even ask them to act like this. Imagine that. Love that T's idea
of a funny face looks an awful lot like pushing dentures in.

Max, who is technically the neighbor's cat. My kids have invaded his space
& he's delegated to the laundry room. Stinks to be you, Cat.

I couldn't NOT post the straw up the nose shot. :) BTW, the $2.75 no refill
latte at this local joint...tastes suspiciously like regular ole Folgers.
Documented. For those times I want to bash the man. He's pretty awesome.

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Brown English Muffin said...

I think it's hilarious that you ended up at the grocery store on your date!