Wednesday, January 25, 2012


1. GREAT movies I've Redboxed lately: CourageousThe Help
Crazy, Stupid Love
Something Borrowed
Sarah's Key

CAN'T erase the images from my brain; turned it off after five minutes; regretted with all 120 cents spent; makes me hate Hollywood; changed the image of an actor that generally stars in decent movies; what the heck is porn if THAT wasn't it movie I've Redboxed lately:
Change Up

2. deleted...I'm not ready to link this certain video yet. I need to think about it some more. :)

3. We heard a little snippet about Roe v Wade on the radio last night. I got to have a conversation with my kids about abortion. I kept it as age appropriate as possible and simply explained what an abortion is and some reasons why women have them. Simon, in all the wisdom of a nine year old asked, "What did the baby do?" In context, meaning, why do they deserve an abortion. Felix's only opinion, "I am so glad I'm not a girl."

4. I was called out on my interpretation of the word "spontaneous." Apparently, if you plan something for a week, it is not spontaneous.

5. My unspontaneous adventure involved a three hour trip north to spend the night with people we had never met. A mutual friend thought we'd hit it off and she was most certainly correct. What a great, great family. It was exciting to step out of my comfort zone. It was awesome to be around like minded people. It was inspiring to stay the course in so many aspects of my life in which they share similar convictions. It was so crazy to see the dynamics of a family that has twice as many kids as ours. All in all, it was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again. I am so glad you think highly enough of our mutual friend to open your home to a group of unruly vagabonds. :) I think I'll be more unspontaneous more often.

6. Working on expressing myself more gently via the intranets & texteses. Sometimes things come across as rude and stupid instead of clever and funny(like the above misspellings). Some things I mean to say passionately and with urgency are coming across as haughty and proud. I am too much of an open book sometimes and there is no throttle on my typing. In real life, my mouth is much more tame. I need to find a happy balance.

7. I'm seeing some very encouraging changes in my kiddos lately. It helps to keep me dedicated and realize the changes being made in our family, in our/my parenting, are actually working. We still have daily battles, but I'm choosing to fight them differently and the results are worth it.

8. It was seventy four degrees today. That's a seven and a four. In January. S&F wanted to play with their friend while T was sleeping. I got a minute to sit and read and enjoy the breeze. In the middle of the day!
9. Sometimes I get a little carried away with taking pictures of what I'm doing and I miss the opportunity to actually do what I set out to do. :/

10. When did Skype take a nosedive? I know it's always been aggravating to use, but lately it is really, really aggravating. Either way, it's an aggravation I'm willing to endure to see this handsome face. :)

Aaaand that 9 o'clock coffee is just starting to kick in at the crack of 2 a.m... O-O


jessica said...

Hey I just read that book! I loved her discussion about the apples/apple tree.

Jude said...

loved sarah's key as well. did you read the book? it was great, and I am trying to talk micah into the french film that is $40 based on that same event. He is not convinced.
I just got your VM, i'll call you here in a few minutes. can't wait to see you guys, but, um... I think i should drive you to the nearest whole foods upon your arrival, cause you won't eat anything at the casa for sure! ;)

Corey said...

sounds like your movie choices don't have any man influence involved. HA! I rarely get to pic those kinds of films. We watch things like documentaries on Alaska and anything involving a bomb or a gun. :P
74*??!! Oh my gosh, I'm jealous. It hasn't been terribly cold here, but definitely not 74. I'm lucky if it ever gets that warm here! I'm jealous of your bare feet!

nicole said...

-i loved crazy stupid love!
-74 degrees. i am so jealous!
-i'm so with you on taking photos of what i'm doing instead of doing it :)

love your tuesdays!

Christina said...

We DO think very highly of our mutual friend! Please be unspontaneous again soon! I'm rereading that same book now Bc I need to be reminded often. I'm also reading Charlotte Iserbyt's book thanks to you- great documentation of shocking facts. Thanks!

jessica said...

Ps -- also should have added: tickled it worked out!!

As for the book, I am grateful almost daily around here for the simplicity/precision of the line "what is more important, ______ or your brother." :). Some days hourly.