Friday, January 13, 2012


My friend invited a few of us to play along for 12 on 12.

Twelve pictures on the twelfth of every month. Why not? Now that I've included my waking up shot, I'm a little more embarrassed than, "Yeah, that's right. I look like a freak when I wake up. What of it?" In my defense, you can't see the yellow of the walls. It's like waking up on the surface of the sun! Who lets a fifteen year old girl pick paint colors?! My parents. I painted this room many, many moons suns ago. Time for a change. Although, now that I have a luxurious eye mask, the yellow's not so bad.

Jan 12 is also my dad's birthday, so lots of pictures of him.
Jan 12 is also the day I found out I was preggo with Felix seven years ago. SEVEN.

Row1: So there's me in all my morning glory, the birthday boy and the best danged granola(1/4 cup honey+1/4 cup olive oil+1/4 cup of brown sugar+a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. Melt. Drizzle over oats+pecans+coconut. Bake for 30 min @ 350, stirring every 10 min or so. Toss in a handful or two of chocolate chips at the end, let them get smooshy and then stir them in. Let it cool completely. Store in an airtight container if there's any left by the time it's done cooling. I think I'll toss the coconut in a tad later next time. Got a bit crispy, but it's the big fat flakes, so they're still delish.) I've ever made.

Row2: Can you see Feef's sticker? It's a no camera sign. :)Simon after guitar lessons. My dad's b-day present from me. My mom asked me to get him some Pepsi. He is sick and it is his birthday, but I still couldn't bring myself to contribute to his eventual high fructose corn syrup overdose. This was my happy compromise.

Row3: Awkward farmer's market shots. I felt weird taking them, so I just snapped a few on the sly. Max, the cat. Guess who's a fan of low-temp pasteurized, non homogenized milk? Not me, but Max loves it.

Row4: More from the birthday party...blowing out a votive candle. Mr. T passing out hugs. He loves that La La something fierce. :)


Corey said...

awe you look cute in the morning! :) especially with your eye thingy.
happy birthday to your dad!

nicole said...

love it! so fun that we are all playing along with something photo/scrapping finally again!