Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sometimes, I place myself under a gag order.
Sometimes, I'm so angry about the things I know that I have to take a break from the seeking.
Sometimes, I want to scream at the morbidly obese girl in the grocery store reaching for the donut. That happened today actually. First I was angry. Then I was sad. Then I wanted to race over to her cart, jump on it like a lunatic and just start flinging stuff out of it. When it was all said and done and the Redbox had finally taken our last video, I wanted to just wrap my arms around her neck(in a hug, not a headlock, should it need clarification) and tell her about what's in her food.
Sometimes I make snide comments in the grocery store.
Sometimes, I say loudly, "I wish there was something we could eat here."
Sometimes I huff and talk about how the competing grocery store has a better organics section(only if an employee is close enough to hear).
Sometimes, I inform fellow shoppers about why the yogurt they're choosing is bad by saying things like, "No, guys, we can't have that yogurt. It has artificial dyes and aspartame in it." I pause dramatically and they look at me like a freak. I smile and pat myself on the back for a job well done. Even if they still choose their yogurt over mine at least they have to questions why aspartame kept me from buying it. Maybe not. Sometimes I focus on all the negatives of these food discoveries.

But sometimes I get texts and emails and phone calls that encourage me so much I want to cry.

Texts like, "So I had a friend come over yesterday and I got to talking about food choices with her...I sounded like...well, you, while I was explaining things. Later, I got a text from her saying, 'you got me thinking about what I am feeding my family. Where can I learn more?' See Chrissy!!! You are a world changer!!!!"'-paraphrased, just a tad. She did actually use the phrase 'world changer,' though.

Now, it almost embarrasses me to even post such things, but...not really. World changer might be a lil strong(although, I accept it!), but isn't that how real change happens? One person at a time? Look at how the food industry is listening. Never assume the big corporations give a crap about you beyond your dollar, but HFCS will soon be a thing of the past, hopefully! The organic market is booming. The term 'all natural' is even being abused by the big corporations. They're at least pretending, right? Read labels, always. Don't trust the bullet words.

I guess I get feeling silly when someone compliments me like that because it's not my words. It's not my ideas, it's just me being completely flabbergasted by the wool pulled over my own eyes for so long that I had to pass it on.

With that, here's another article for you.
Please don't dye... my food anymore. I especially love it when I find dyes in OTC meds. Like someone who has a sinus headache cares what color the gel in the liquicap is. Like someone whose baby is up with a fever in the middle of the night will care what color the liquid is. Read labels and vote with your dollar. Always always always.

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