Saturday, January 28, 2012


One old Rebel.In the trunk.

A card full of pictures from Sean's deployment and the week he came home.

Details forgotten.

Desire(for another baby). Just being honest. Look at him! So bald, so chubby, so wittle. It's the finger dimples! Is there a woman on the planet that can deny the heart tug of finger dimples? *sigh*

An unending amount of film for this little boy.
75,000 pictures of the cat. (I have more pictures of that furry butt than I do of his siblings. What's the Freudian meaning behind that one?)
A partner in documentation.
Help with Project Life.

Things noticed:
*Simon shoots better with my camera. Manual with a Rebel is hard! Do the newer Rebels have two wheels? I can't even figure out how to shoot manual with the thing.
*I didn't notice the quality of the pictures until I uploaded. The memory was shining too brightly to see the quality. That said, I don't think I'll edit Simon's pictures at all.
*My big two have figured out that if they play with my hair, I let them stay up longer. Felix hasn't quite figured out the deal with elastic hairbands. As much as he's destroying my hair, I kinda hope he doesn't ever figure out the deal with elastic hairbands.


nicole said...

what a fun find...and oh my word baby titus. he has grown up way to fast!!

Jude said...

what a fun find! I gave em my old kodak, and he promptly lost the charger... great. hoping when i get my new camera i can show lincoln and micah how to use mine more... :)

Corey said...

I've got to teach Jake how to use my Rebel. Love Simon's shots :)
YES, the Rebel is MUCH harder to shoot in Manual then the newer models! It's the first thing I said after getting my EASY it was. My friend has the T2i and mine is still easier than hers. I hardly ever shoot in any other mode now.