Monday, January 23, 2012

kid quotes

"Titus, put your books back in the bag."-me
"I can't. You do it?"
"Nope, you took 'em out, you put 'em back."
"I caaaaan't. You can do it, Mommy, I too la-cey(lazy, if you don't speak 2 year old)."

At least he's honest. I won that one, by the way.

Felix had some pent up anger about a certain little girl that was in his PreK class.

"Ellie said she loved me and wanted to marry me and the very next day she said she hates me! If we ever go back to that school, I'm gonna punch her in the nooooose."

That one little moment spurred on a flurry of conversation. We were able to talk about loving our enemies("Ellie is definitely my enemy!"); the fickleness of five year old girls("She said I was 'soooooo handome' and I told her I liked her bow and then she gave me Indian burn and said she hates me!"); hitting; holding on to anger.

Simon had an assignment to rewrite the story of Gideon how it might take place in this day and age. He was having trouble getting started, so I prompted him by saying, "Gideon was a farmer, pick a different profession that people have now(as if there aren't farmers now...)."
"A soldier?"-he asked.
"Well, a soldier would know how to fight. That's predictable. Pick a profession where the guy would have no clue how to fight."
"A mom?"

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Corey said...

LOL! too funny! i have running list of funny things the kids say that I'm adding to my project life.
love these pics too :)