Tuesday, January 10, 2012


shoulda downloaded the free software about 18,000 pictures ago. Now I know and now you know. Go get it if you don't have it. I'm sure the version you pay for is better, but I'm much too cheap for such things. Here's a link. A photoguru friend of mine(hi, Kim!) mentioned noiseware many moons ago and I didn't want to show how ignorant I was about such things so I just nodded and smiled. It's just that one more step of photo editing that really brings out my laziness. As you can see, these are less noisy, but no other edits were made(plus, blogger put back some of the noise I got rid of). :D Something's gotta give. Also, I can't get Noiseware to copy over into Photoshop, so I'm having to open each picture individually, edit and save in the noiseware program before sending it over to PS for further edits. When Sean gets here, maybe he can make them sync, but trying to figure out computers when T has had a nasty cough all week(read: mama ain't had no sleep) is not too high on ye olde priority list.

Titus asked for bedtime stories. This is the point that I admit bedtime is my favorite time of day for so very many reasons. I tend to rush bedtime. I don't take time for stories all that often. For shame, it is the truth. He really, really likes this monkey book that my Grandma sent me in 1990, according to her handwriting in the front cover. It was my favorite, even though I thought I was a bit advanced for such literature when I received it.

 This may be the point in the post that I admit my kids hardly ever wear actual pjs.

 Not wanting to leave the big kids out, I popped in to make sure they were getting in some reading time, too.
 Felix didn't like that I brought my camera. His obnoxion came out.
Putting his foot in front of my lens. Silly boy hasn't figured out that I can't be dissuaded from photographing mundane moments.
 One blurry, huggy shot. I'll take it!


Jude said...

lincoln is in the "do you have to take a picture of that?" phase too... but he complies most of the time ;)

Corey said...

hmmm noisewear. I've read a lot about it but never bothered to mess with it myself either. May have to give it a try.
And also, are you uploading to blogger using the largest size for your pics? I think I'm going to start doing that. Yours look really good and are definitely big enough. It used to seem like 'medium' was perfect and 'large' was too big, but now medium seems way too small. I dunno :P
PS I LOVE these bedtime pics!