Sunday, January 01, 2012

on 2011

I was reflecting today via Skype with Sean. 2011 was a pret-ty great year for us.
The two bigs & I ringing in the new year with Sean. :)

*It was the year he miraculously didn't deploy. Still don't really get it, but I'll take it all day long. I never documented what his GDM said in response to the off-the-record reasons Sean didn't end up going..."I don't know who you place your faith in, but you need to keep it there." I agree. And it's God, btw, in case you were wondering. In the chaos of the past four months, getting here, missing him and trying to rationalize all this being apart stuff-I sometimes forget to be thankful that he is here(well, there here, not here here). Not deployed. Not in a war zone. Not around the world, just across the country. I can chat with him all day long if I want. It sucks to be apart, but I'm glad he didn't deploy again.
*It was the year he got in to anesthesia school. Praise the Lord, we have been waiting so long for this! It's finally upon us and I am so excited to see what new adventures await.
*It was the year we truly started to understand some very basic principles from the Bible that we(and probably 99% of Christians) previously overlooked/misunderstood/rationalized away/ignored.
*It was the year we took control of our health.
*It was the year we took control of our finances.
*It was the year we finally got on the same page about a whole lotta stuff. Thanks for being persistent, Love, and patient. :D
*It was the year we spent a Texas summer in the motorhome and lived to tell about it.
*It was the year we celebrated ten years of marriage.
*It was the year we started homeschooling.

There are a lot more little things and maybe even some big things I'm forgetting, but those are the ones that stand out.

This new year is going to be full of all kinds of exciting challenges, but I am so looking forward to all that it holds in store. The past few years I've chosen a word instead of a resolution. One little word to define my year. This one kind of spills over from last year. Compel.

There are so many Bible verses I could link, but...there are so many.

I want to be compelled to continue seeking the Truth in so many areas. In Christ, food matters, politics(kind of an oxymoron there-truth in politics-HA). I like to learn. I am enthralled by the truth. I am compelled to keep looking and digging and discovering. I am compelled to share it with others. I want to compel people to change their lives as I continue to change mine. The thing I like about the word compel is that it is so strong that it almost doesn't give you a choice. This desire to speak or share comes so strongly that the obvious response is to just speak or act.

I want the truth so deeply ingrained in me that I speak nothing else. I want the truth so deeply ingrained in me that I don't have the option to waiver. I want to be compelled by Truth.

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Corey said...

Very good word for you!!