Monday, January 02, 2012

oooooooooh snap

I haven't had a minute to sit & read in quite some time. Reading, for me, has become dangerous. Toxic, ya might say. I just read some pretty disturbing stuff and now I am compelled to share.

I'll try my best to put this into digestible facts...pun totally intended.

Who eats soy?

Tofu is a big, fat no for me. I have, however, been eating a baby soybean hummus since I got here. They don't have my go-to hummus anywhere and I saw this one and figured why not?

I'll tell you why not! Oi vey.

The book I'm reading is The Unhealthy Truth by Robin O'Brien. I bought it months ago as Borders was going under and everything was basically free. Bad for Borders, good for me. So sad our economic state...

Anyways! Back to soy. I actually skipped this chapter a few weeks ago b/c we don't eat soy. My sister in law mentioned that her three babies drink soy milk, so I was compelled to go back and read this chapter. It makes me sick to my stomach. I know a looooooot of people that love soy in all kinda ways. I know a loooooooot of babies who consume soy milk or formula.

I've known that soy is very much genetically modified & that it is in pretty much every processed food. Again, not a huge concern b/c we eat virtually NO processed foods.

Alarming little details about soy addressed in this book:

*Genetically altered soy had it's first widespread use in 1996-this fact leads to...
*a major soy allergen, trypsin inhibitor, 27% HIGHER in genetically modified soy-this fact leads to...
*soy & peanuts are both legumes-this fact leads to...
*peanut allergies have risen 20%(that's TWENTY percent) each year since 1997

How many kids do you know with peanut allergies?

What does soy affect anyway? Get ready for some more *s.

*reproductive organs
*toxic to the thyroid

How many people do you know with breast issues, infertility issues and thyroid issues?

The thing about soy is that there are some good benefits. It seems like only the good have been covered. With everything I buy, I do a pro vs con moment. Is it worth the money? Is it worth the benefits? Is it worth the extra 5mg of sugar? Is it worth the risk? Does the bad outweigh the good?

Soy has some antioxidant powers that contribute to a stronger immunity and women's hormonal health via isoflavones, but...

Soy can also boost the estrogen levels so high that is has detrimental affects on breast and reproductive health. That's not just in girls. Boys have testicular issues and reproductive problems, too, due to increased exposure to estrogen.

Thankfully, my kiddos didn't drink soy formula, but how much soy have they ingested in processed foods?? The FDA says that soy may also cause goiters(again with the THYROID issues).

Soy blocks the absorption of  calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron and zinc and interferes with digestion. Fabulous.

I won't get into the affects soy has on obesity or why Asian consumption of soy is so much different from ours, but it's fascinating. I highly recommend anyone reading look further into those aspects of soy.

Don't think you're eating soy? It's in everything. Everything! Seriously...ev-e-ry-thing. Take a look at the ingredients list. I thought high fructose corn syrup was in everything! HFCS's BFF is SOY-understand?

According to, there are 20,000-30,000 products on the market today in which soy plays a role. Here is a LONG list of soy articles & an interesting video especially if you are giving your infant soy formula. This link also talks about the good kind of soy.

Soy has an alias. Several actually.
*edamame(was in my hummus, dang it)
*glycine max
*hydrolized vegetable protein(HVP)
*lecithin(just noticed this in my "all natural" chocolate chips...switching to carob chips now)
*monosodium glutamate(MSG-emailed Chick fil A several months ago about using this one)
*vegetable oil
*vitamin E

I was going to end it here, but I can't.

*A 1997 study published in the Lancet found babies drinking soy formula had up to ten times higher blood levels of isoflavones than women taking soy supplements to regulate their cycles.

What are isoflavones again? They boost estrogen. They're toxic to the thyroid. Elevated estrogen has been linked to breast cancer, reproductive cancers, obesity and early puberty in girls. Boys get the undescended testicles, prostate cancer and fertility issues.

Apparently, the US gov't is a bit behind as the UK, China, New Zealand, Israel, France, and Germany has all expressed concern over soy formula. I'm not all about government intervention in our food, but when it accounts for 25% of all formula fed babies, I would think a warning label might ought be scotch-taped to the canister.

*sigh* I must end it here. If you have a kid with allergies of any kind, I strongly recommend this book!


Jude said...

we had Alden on soy milk for a good bit, but the more i heard, the less I wanted him drinking it. We switched to rice milk long ago, but you have to watch that... the one readily available in our grocery store still had soy in it! trader joes and costcos do not.

Corey said...

Soy IS in everything! And even if it's not, a TON of stuff in my cupboard says "packaged in a facility where Soy products are packaged". There is so much it seems like it's a genetically modified monster taking over the world!