Friday, January 27, 2012

Random blatherings of insomnia

I went to the gym today. On purpose. It was good, quality, non-kid interaction with my sister. The health benefits are just a happy coincidence. They have cable at the gym. Sean's coming for a visit soon. If I'm consistent, maybe I can have an ab by then.
Can you see me weighing(har har) the pros and cons here?

It seems like huffing along on the treadmill could be enjoyable tolerable, but all I can think about is how jiggly my butt must look to the people running on the row behind me. As I wasted fifteen minutes on the bike, all I could think about was how my heartbeat pounding in my ears really sounded like, "Star-bucks. Star-bucks. Star-bucks."

We opted out of coffee on the way home after I shared with my sister that a Venti white chocolate mocha has more calories than a quarter pounder with cheese. We headed home instead. After guzzling more water(more on that in a sec), my sister insisted I try a green tea with her. "Green tea doesn't have as much caffeine as coffee," she said.

blink blink...

It's okay, I have some stuff I've been meaning to catch up on. No better time than two a.m. :)

I forgot what working out feels like. As I strutted into Gradma's house, proud of my determination to get that ab, she announced, "I used up all your sugar baking a homemade chocolate cake."

Are ya kiddin' me?

She wasn't. It was delicious. Both pieces. In my defense, she justified two pieces by saying it was supposed to be a double layer cake. Added to that, it was made with fresh eggs and raw cane sugar. It's basically spinach.

On the water issue, I must ask, does anyone reading actually drink the recommended(by who?) eight glasses of water a day? That's 64 ounces! In one day. Every day.

I have conquered it two days in a row, but it hasn't been as easy as it should be. In theory, it's...just water. In reality, it's...I really want my second cup of coffee, which is technically mostly water(aside from all the sugar and cream and caffeine), but my belly is already water logged and making ocean sounds and ahh man I gotta go again.

On that note...


Corey said...

If you really want an ab try Jillian Michaels "trouble zones" her workouts work so fast, i'm not kidding. I don't actually have an ab, but mostly flat tummy now. no overhang :)
Coffee counts as water, doesn't it?? ;-) I hope so, I only drink coffee and water, most days. I still don't think I get the full 64oz though.

Christina said...

This may help answer the question.