Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My friend posted this about her kiddos room and I am so inspired to document the details. Even if it's not our house, per se. Or our rooms. Or our anything, it is where we're at and when the time comes for us to move on, these are the details I'll want to remember. I guess I never thought about taking notice of the temporary parts of our life, but it seems there have been a whooooooooole lot of temporary situations in our lives lately.

While this isn't their room at Grandma's house, it's where we do school. Where we spend the most time together on any given weekday.

Titus likes to color while the bigs are working on their stuff. He also likes to ask for milk a lot. A LOT. And go to the bathroom just as we've finally gotten underway. Next year, I plan to start him on his own little curriculum. Considering we argued for fifteen minutes today about a triangle being a triangle and not's time.

I love that he's totally aware of the camera. :D

Felix writing in his thankfulness journal. On this particular day he was thankful for a Spiderman car I got him. Ironically, he got it taken away for the whole day within minutes of this photograph.

Did you yawn?

Simon takes his writing so seriously.

There it is, our temporary norm. Our school days are a little different every day, but I am still loving it at least 95-ish% of the time. There are days. Ooooh there are days. When one is being ornery or the other is just not getting a concept. Yesterday, for example, was a bad one as far as homeschooling goes. At the end of the day, though, Felix read our entire Proverb of the day by himself. From a real Bible. He totally got it, grasped the real life application of it and its in those moments I am reaping the rewards.

It is so amazing to watch them grasp things that you put in there. Big things like reading and comprehension and long division and irregular vowels. It's the icing on the cake of motherhood and their progress is so very, very encouraging.


Jude said...

i bet if you wear a bun and a little lapel watch like Miss Beetle, they will take you more seriously ;)

Corey said...

haha! @ Jude's comment! I love Miss Beetle.
I love the pictures and the little details. The wallpaper, the cover on the table, the dishes in the china cabinet.
How did your hair get so long?
I wish Jake would take writing so seriously.

nicole said...

love that you documented this too chrissy!!
and oh my word your hair is SO long!!

kimrairdon said...

Love this post...encouraging and exciting and scary.