Thursday, January 12, 2012

ten on tuesday

It's actually Wednesday, but I really want to get back in the habit of TOT, so here we go.

1. I've felt completely out of control since we got to SC. I don't do well with not having any control. Today, I regained composure, control and confidence and my spirits are much higher.

2. I started off the day laying out some ground rules for the big kids. Letting them know my expectations has worked out fantastically(today at least). It's a bit unrealistic to expect them to know what I expect without having told them first.

3. While discussing some behaviors and incidences that have recently taken place(i.e. a fist fight yesterday between #1 & #2 in which neither would respond to my screeching, "KNOCK IT OFF!" It seriously was like trying to intervene in a dog fight.) I set a new memory verse of Ephesians 4:26. It's a good one for me, too. :/

4. Sometimes you just gotta unload. It helps to have a friend that listens and gives good advice-seriously, every time the advice is good. It's like her superpower. You know who you are and you, my friend, are my hero. :)

5. Sodium nitrate, cursed be your affects. We no longer eat ham, sausage or...wait for it, wait for it...bacon. *gasp* I know. Nitrate free pork, in the quantities of pig we eat, is just too expensive to justify so we Xed it from the menu. I'll hunt down some good pork once we're settled again.

6. I read yesterday that children are likely to treat their spouse the same way they treat their siblings. Scary thought, huh? Makes sense.

7. Felix is taking piano lessons, Simon is taking guitar. Felix is hoping to surprise his Dad with a whole song, Simon is learning the opening chords of Blackbird. All we need is a drummer and the Terrorist is already showing potential as one who likes to bang on things.

8. Simon handed me the phone today. "Who is it?" I asked. "I dunno, one of those president pickers." I assume everyone is getting a lot of political calls these days? Annoying. And a robot voiced politician is no closer to getting my vote than a main stream media backed politician.

9. I've been messing around with pictures sizes and how I save/upload to the blog. Jude, I don't have the program to go with the way you talked about. LAME. I just saved these through Photoshop using the 'save to web.' It took absolutely, positively forever for them to upload as GIF files. Not really sure what I'm doing other than a lot of trial and error. These look good, though the time involved wasn't all that worth it. Surely there are easier ways! Any advice appreciated.

10. The Max hat. I have no idea where it came from, but I'm guessing my relatives up north had something to do with it. My parents inherited a tabby cat years ago and Titus has decided that he is Max when he wears this hat. He walks with a swagger like Max when he wears it and he uses the only phrase Max would should he develop the ability to speak English, "I wanna eat." Max is quite the Garfield. Titus plays him perfectly.

There ya have it. Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.


Jude said...

hmmm... try sizing them to the correct pixels in PS maybe? like 900x900 or whatnot?
they look great now to me!! :)

Corey said...

No bacon???!!!

Michele said...

4) Maverick company :)

Michele said...

oops..I meant to put 5) regarding the nitrates. :)