Sunday, January 01, 2012


I was finishing up my last week of Project Life and realized I haven't posted a TON of great memories.
While on the subject, I do plan to do Project Life again for 2012. I started a bit late in 2011, but have every week from April-December documented and I am so glad I started and stuck with it. It's something everyone, even especially non-scrapbookers should do. I guess I fall into that category now, so Project Life has become my form of memory keeping.
The only products I use that are actually for PL are the page protectors. Even those I don't use exclusively. I mix in these and these when I need more room(or less if I didn't take as many pix) or want to change it up a bit.

I use a plain ole American Crafts album because they're awesome-unless your husband moves it while it's not closed correctly and the entire binder ring system detatches from the binding...

I'm not ready for 2012 just yet. At least not here on the blog. I have so many things I never got around to posting. So, pretend your tree's still up and take a gander at my Christmas if you wish. I'm having issues with Blogger jacking up my pictures again. Anybody else dealing with that? I'm sizing them the same as always, but they look like junk on here. Oh well, you get the idea and I'm sorta too lazy to go back and resize all these just for ye olde blog.

My amazingly talented cousin came all the way from OH to spend Christmas with us. On Christmas Eve he sat down and sketched a sleeping Titus. I will cherish it forever and can't wait to have a wall to hang it on. :D
 Christmas Eve we spent the night at my sister's where the Nativity story was read by my niece and acted out by a bunch of knuckleheads with a porcelain Nativity set.

Titus helped put out cookies for Santa. He was quite eager to get the plate full.

Michael wasn't all that excited about his role as angel, though he did a mean flutter with that porcelain winged being.
Christmas Day we had a big meal + presents at my mom's. Sean's sister and Grandpa joined us. :)
The day after, my sister had a big brunch + more presents. I took a few snapshots of my brother's family as they don't get a ton of family pictures for obvious reasons. When I think of having more kids, this is exactly what I imagine...
 A good chaos. :) I got a few of my sister's family, too.
Other than that, it was just chatting and eating and catching up and making memories. I finally got to meet the newest addition to the family:
 She is the fattest, happiest baby I have ever seen. Such a sweet baby!
More togetherness. I love this one. I told everybody to not look at the camera. This may be the only shot that Alaina actually did look at the camera. Love the interaction and connections and communication I see between each person.
I guess that's it.
Now I'm ready to move on to 2012. :)

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