Friday, January 13, 2012

week one

ER visit...dinner with Pop Pop...pocket knives...fart noises...tags of the week...T and his house shoes:
Darlington Raceway Museum(where we saw the Fabulous Hudson Hornet and set off the fire alarm)...McCall Farms with NicNic&gang
Simon accidentally poked him in the face with his six foot long wittling project; a walking stick. Not sure where he plans on walking with it, but I keep finding it inside. As if he can hide it.

Week one is done. Nothing ground breaking, but we have the memories down. Looking through last years album, I am so glad I started it. Even though I started four months into the year. I have so many every day memories recorded that I would've forgotten otherwise.

Mr. T would not get out of my shots. Another moment documented: he recognized the letter A for the first time. As the third child, I count it a success that he knows any letter before the age of three. I am trying not to dwell on the fact that Simon knew his entire alphabet well before two and a half and here is Mr. T rounding the corner on three.
Week one is done. :)

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Corey said...

LOVE it. I am still so in love with this project. I love all the little moments i've got down from last year. I'm upset at myself for putting down my camera for nearly 2 months at the end of last year. i'm so excited to get back up and keep going. life is pretty cool.