Wednesday, February 08, 2012

01Simon found an old Johnny Cash cd in the van. We've listened to nothing else all week. The smile that breaks across my face when I hear my nine year old singing "Ring of Fire" is incomparable. Something tells me he'll be wanting to learn a song or two by the man in black here shortly. He's officially done with "Blackbird," just has to get a little quicker and piece it all together. "Banana Pancakes" is next up.

02Titus got a haircut. Simon desperately needs a no kidding, non-salon, get out the clippers and lets start over kinda haircut. Felix also needs a haircut. His gets curlier as it grows so the problem would be self correcting if he wasn't always trying to fix his hair.

03Enough with this being apart stuff. I'm ready for Sean's visit. As much as I'm looking forward to the time together, I'm wondering what it'll do to the kids(...and me) when he leaves again. We're half way through this little adventure. Soon enough, we'll be apartment(?)/townhouse(maybe)/condo(aren't they really just glorified apartments?)/house(how long is the commute?) hunting in MD.

04The other night I had one of those what-if-I-died-tomorrow nights. Needless to say, I kept Titus tucked up under my wing until he fell asleep. The boys all got extra kisses and I spent more time than usual thanking God for my babies, our health, our time together. Maybe I'm morbid. I think I dwell a lot on all the ways I waste time throughout the day. I suppose even that is a waste of time...kinda like blogging. :)

05I am a week behind on Project Life. Thinking I'll be about three weeks behind all month long. Hate it when that happens.

06I went line dancing with my mom, sister and niece tonight. Some simple observations...
*don't ever judge a crowd by their age. A seemingly geriatric bunch may or may not have been raised shagging.
*Line dancing is no longer all cowboy boots and leather fringe jackets(see:the Wobble comment below).
*I smiled the entire two hours, erupting into laughter at least ninety minutes of it.
*Watching my mom learn the Wobble is a memory I will never forget. I can't even link youtube videos of the Wobble b/c they aren't all exactly decent and I'm too tired to sift through and find a good one. ha!
*I can't WAIT to take Sean. The plan has already been devised.

07Sunday, we went on a picnic, explored a little education center at the park, crossed a canopy bridge and walked along Lynches River. You just can't beat 75 degrees in February.
08Doesn't that look like the back of a big boy's head?

09&10My sister mentioned a picture on pinterest that rang a bell. The one that says, "What I think I look like...what I actually look like." That's kinda applicable to line dancing. I already feel weird taking pictures in public places, but then a guy asked, "Are ya'll about to race or what?" We were actually going for an action shot of the electric slide. Timers just make people uncomfortable, y'know...
Doing the Wobble. Go ahead and laugh. Just wait til I post pictures of SEAN line dancing. :):):)


Jude said...

i would've paid money to watch you line dance... micah has blackmailed me with the potential to post a video of me doing so... ;)

Corey said...

um...line dancing?! hilarious. Yes I would have paid money to see that also. My mom used to LOVE it way back when. Where you all the only people there? it looks empty.
#3 He's there now, right?! I'm excited for you. I really hope the next 2 (?) months go by really quickly and that his visit now goes really slow. :)

kimrairdon said...

I was wondering the same as Corey...are you guys the only one line dancing....or are you really in that small of a town?!?! Either way....I think it is awesome!

CAmport said...

This was after the class. There were probably about 30 people or so in the beginners class. :)