Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A Valentine's Day list of ten random things I love.

1. Celebrating Valentine's Day! Not something we do every year, but this morning I woke up to a French press and UV polarizer for my new lens. Love it.

2. Simon writing out a personal Valentine for his "friend" down the street and his brother(he put a dollar in it-haha!).

3. Felix buying Simon a V-day present from the quarter machine while at the grocery store. I half suspect he bought it for himself and only decided to gift it when it turned out to be a pink, girl ninja.

4. Line dancing with Sean. Show off. At one point, everybody was completely screwed up on this one dance and WHO but my husband is still going? The teacher points to him and says, "Follow that guy!"

5. Having Sean here. Despite the studying for bio chem. Despite the fact that he'll just have to leave again.

6. The anticipation of somewhere new. Come on, April/May!

7. The way Lejeune is actually pronounced. Ha. Ha ha. Not technically something I love, but something that makes me laugh.

8. Reminiscing. Funny how so much can stay the same while so much has changed.

9. Spending time on the same continent with both of my siblings. A little side note away from all the things I thing I hate with every fiber of my being: saying good-bye to another person I love for this stupid, freaking war. Enough already! He's going to do amazing things. I know that, it just puts an ache in my heart. Stay safe, big brother.

 10. One more. :)


Aron said...

Mak asked a couple of days ago when we were going to see his friends Simon and Felix again. I need your cell #!

nicole said...

#4 made me laugh out loud :)
love seeing the photos of you with your siblings and family... I need to get better about getting those too!