Wednesday, February 01, 2012


He says, "You cuTe."-really enunciating the T. And it's cuTe.

He uses the word, "Honk" or "Honch" as an insult. "Wheat, you a honk/honch," he says. I have no idea what word he's actually saying.
He says, "I too hea-by," when he doesn't want to do something. If he's forced to walk a long distance, he's too heavy. If he has to pull up his own pants after using the restroom, they're too heavy.
He love his 'bi-tane' Aunt Niki got him for Christmas. He calls every airplane a bi-tane, whether it's an actual biplane or not.

He requests the alphabet as his nightly entertainment. He cries, "Lay with me!" when I try to leave his room at night.

He says yours instead of your. "Can I lay in yours bed?"

He has just started crying, "Wheat don-luff me!" when his brother rightly resumes ownership of any given toy he's jacked.

He pronounces "house(hey-owse)" and "down(day-own)" with an entirely Southern accent. It's very cute the way he draws each word out into two syllables.
He still loves fish and Cars and Buzz Light-yur and swinging.
He prefers Grandma's reading to mine.
He is getting much better at sitting still when we're reading as a group.

He asks, "I be 'scused?" after every meal.

He asks for "Bay-nowk" or "Cho-chit nowk" every single morning. Both mean the same thing: chocolate milk.

He grows more attached to his "beet" every day and it makes me smile. It's like an unknown bond he has with the very special girl who made it.

He still talks about his friends in San Antonio pretty much every day. My heart breaks a little bit each time, but I'm glad he remembers them.

Just this week, he started referring to this house as our house. Up until then, he was asking to go home every night. I'd say, "This is our home now," and he'd say, "No, this-a Grama house...I wan-go home, mo-o-home(motorhome)."

He loves talking to his Daddy on the phone and via Skype.

He has the greatest laugh ever.

He's big on getting kisses for his owies. The other day he fell on his booty...Even he got the hilarity of the situation and to booty boo boo was quickly forgotten.

He has absolutely no curl or red in his hair. I'm starting to wonder if he's mine. :D

My heart is completely captivated by this kid(& his equally charming brothers).


Corey said...

I love his red Chucks :)
He is cuTe! I can not believe he is almost three.

Aron said...

He is absolutely Adorable!!! We all had so much fun yesterday. Let's do it again soon!

Jude said...

i cannot wait to see him. seriously.

kimrairdon said...

Miss him so much..... His San Antonio friends still talk about him too...don't let him forget us!