Sunday, February 26, 2012

late night noise

The Feefs misses his dad the most of the three. He always has a hard time when something's outta whack. The night before Sean left, he let Felix stay up and watch a movie with us. The kid was up til midnight. Then he got a special good-bye with just the two of 'em. I, of course, botched it up by entering the scene with camera in tow.

As I'd already gotten two good days of pictures out of my men folk, I decided to just try and blend in with the bedcovers and snap as discreetly as possible with just a small lamp casting very little light.

This is what I got.

I almost deleted the whole set without even looking at them. I knew I'd get attached to a picture I am not capable of fixing. I have mentioned that Sean could invest in our family history by upgrading my camera to one that doesn't bat an eyelash at silly ISO numbers...That's a no go for now. Moving on!
 Levels and Gradient Map got me here. Still pretty bad, but better.
Noiseware got me to this point. The point at which I will print it out and stick it in my Project Life.
I'm so glad I didn't delete the whole lot of 'em!

Sweet, sweet boy is so confused by all of this missing his dad business. He has an underlying anger and an overwhelming sadness about the whole thing that rears it's head from time to time. I think he resents us a little. He pushes me in ways he would never even think about if Sean was here. He doesn't want to talk to Sean when he calls. It's pathetic and sad and I really hope we don't have to do this again before my boy has a solid grasp on the concept of time.

We're rounding the corner on this adventure. Contacted a realtor in MD last night! :D:D

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kimrairdon said...

happy you are getting closer to breaks my heart to see the boys (and you) missing your Sean :( .... but on a selfish note...I was a little sad to hear you contacted a MD realtor....I never lost hope that he would really start school back here :)