Sunday, February 19, 2012

no joke

A great article on GMO
Non GMO shopping image above is also from his website where you can view it a little bigger).

Every once in a while, I feel like I've gone a bit overboard with the food stuff. When I'm told I'm being ridiculous, I tend to step back and check myself. For instance, at Joe's Crab Shack this week, Sean mentioned he was thinking about a burger. I made the statement, "You're going to pay that much for a hamburger when you don't even know where the beef came from. You know it's not grass-fed."

I got the blank stare.
I gave him my usual line, "I am this way because of you."
He gave the sigh, "I know."
He ordered salmon.

And I didn't mention that I had concerns about where it came from. :)

On the ride home he resumed the food convo. "You can't let your passion for food overshadow who you are." I agree. I may need to tone it down just a little. As soon as I came to that conclusion, I decided to read some of the Mercola articles that have been piling up in my "don't delete" box.

And here we are again. This stuff is important. I am passionate because not that long ago I was a Mountain Doh guzzling, Snacky Meal buying, processed foods munching, typical American. I firmly believe what we take into our bodies has a huge impact on our health. It is completely befuddling what is allowed into our food source. I see diabolical conflicts of interest in a whole lotta places. I simply can't keep my mouth shut about this stuff. It affects all of us, especially our kids.

I'll stop right there. For now. :)

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