Wednesday, February 22, 2012

& off they went...

but not before Grandpa explained what the wrench was all about.

This kid didn't fair too badly in the Grandpa department. Sometimes I forget how cool it is that my dad's a pilot. To all my pilot friends out there, keep at it. One day, you'll have grandkids that will choose you over the very mothers that birthed them.

Tonight, as I was closing T's door, I offered up one more, "I love you."
"I luff you, too, Mommy, " he said as the door closed, "AND I LOVE GRANDPA!"


Corey said...

did he actually go flying with grandpa?
yesterday jake and pete went with our friend who's a pilot. now jake thinks he's just about as cool as his dad. planes tend to do that!

CAmport said...

Nope, he didn't actually fly that day. My dad was just working on it. BUT, Grandpa just got a new plane and I'm sure it will need to be checked out by the boys. :)