Thursday, February 23, 2012


We set up the tripod decorative, ceramic pedestal on Sean's last day here. Considering the sun was gone and the males in the fam were less than cooperative, I got quite a few that I love love love. Still trying to find the sweet spot with my new lens. I'm okay with one kid, but with three aggravating active kids in the same shot, the focus isn't there. 
Simon took over with the promise of getting paid. In the end, we worked out a deal of 25 cents for each shot I loved. I wonder when he'll catch on that his work is worth more than that. This one isn't perfect, photographically speaking. The photographer wasn't watching his focal points. :)'s a completely real smile. And that makes me smile.
And miss him.
This makes the third family photo in front of a garage(this one's actually a hangar, but same look) door for us. I'm noticing a trend. A trend that I like. I can't wait to have a wall to hang pictures on!


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good job Simon!! :)