Thursday, February 09, 2012


Even though it's been a fairly short separation(two months-I guess it's all relative), I decided we should have a little fun with the boys. How lame to just have Sean show up.
We all did a good job of keeping our mouths shut about when Sean was actually coming. I did slip a tiny bit the night before by whispering to Titus, "Daddy's coming soon," as I was putting him to bed.

I left for the airport before any of them were awake and my mom said the first thing T asked while coming downstairs, "When's my daddy coming?" She also said Felix had a very knowing grin on his face all day. I decided to step up the surprise a notch.

We beat them home by about thirty minutes. Just long enough to solidify our plan and start dinner. When the big boys walked in(Tito fell asleep in the car & camped out on Grandma's bed for a while), I was peeling potatoes. We chatted for a bit and then I asked, "Hey, wanna play hide and seek?"

Sean was hiding in plain sight, under a blanket on Titus's bed. I really thought they'd find him right away. Round one, Felix hid under the exact bed Sean was on and didn't notice the giant under the blanket. Round two, they didn't find him while they were hiding from me. Round three, Simon whispered to me, "I know where Felix is. He's on T's bed." :) His reaction was priceless. He just stood back grinning and asked, "Are you for real?" Patting Sean's belly, "I thought you were a ghost."

Another round later, Simon helped his brother find who Felix thought was me. His reaction was to grab Sean around the waist and not let go for quite a while. So so so sweet. Feefs looked at me and said, "I thought you grew a beard!"

Titus was not so easily surprised. He woke up in the funkiest of funks. Once he got over his bad attitude, he held Sean's hand and stuck by his side the whole night.

Once things settled down(haha...ha), the boys showed Sean all their new tricks. Guitars and pianos and a steady stream of, "Daddy, watch this!" all the live long night.

Tried to catch a picture as Sean leaned back to give the Feefs a kiss.
Not a great capture, but a fantastic memory.

As you can see, all the pictures are a I am having fun seeing just how dark it can get before I absolutely have to turn the camera off. :) Thank you, Mister, for my new toy. :):):)


Jude said...

So glad he is home for a bit, and love how you surprised the boys!

new toy? do tell... i have one arriving via ups and wonder if its the same toy????

Corey said...

awe! I happy for you guys. What a great surprise for the boys :)
New Toy??? You must elaborate on that!

Dr. L said...

I just teared up at work. I'm so happy for you that he's home. You can see the love in all the pictures. I just loved Simon's reaction.

kimrairdon said...

LOVE that he is back with you guys! It made me tear up. LOVE thst you finally have your new toy!!!!! You have been awesomely patient :).