Wednesday, February 01, 2012


1. Let me just go ahead and lay this one out there first. WATCH the video. Seriously, watch it. I love the way Jamie Oliver breaks it down.

2. All three have hit a growth spurt at the exact same time. I swear Titus skipped ahead two shoe sizes overnight. They're like a pack of puppies with paws too big for their bodies; clumsy, destructive and expensive.
3. If anyone has friends in the Bethesda, MD area, I would love contact info. We are trying to get as much established before we get there as possible. Housing, church, farmer's market circuit and homeschool group are the most important on my list.

4. Sean's deployment BFF(do boys have BFFs?) and family are moving there a month ahead of us. I can't decide which one of us is more excited.

5. I'm going to a bread making party this week. That's right, a party. And I'm more excited about it than about any other party I've ever attended. :D

6. I spoke to my sister in law tonight and she made a very good point. Food is the one area I have a ton of control over in my life. Every other area is pretty much total chaos at this point. Maybe that's why I obsess over it. Very insightful.

7. On that same note, someone accused me of being made the observation that I have trouble finding the middle ground. I am a very all or nothing type person. I thought it was a strength. A positive character quality. Apparently, not always.

8. My sister made the best gyros tonight. When recounting that to someone, he offered up the obvious fact that I was pronouncing it wrong. So I ask, am I the only one annoyed when people pronounce words with an accent when it's obvious they don't speak anything other than English?

9. OBVIOUSLY running out of points here...

10. Someone asked the other day if his children will still be alive by the time he gets here, due to the aforementioned clumsy puppy stage they've all entered. Pulling stunts like this...

I really can't make any promises.


Melissa said...

thanks for the video....i'm sending it to my sister who LOVES taco bell and McD's.
And to think I used to LOVE it also..

Corey said...

1. I think it's a pretty big deal if McD's is changing their beef ways. I mean, they purchase most of the beef in the country so I think it's a step in the right direction. I still have no plans to eat there any time soon ;)
2. isn't it funny how they do that? stop growing!
3. I don't know anyone in MD :-/
4. but I'm so happy that you guys will know someone when you get there! That's HUGE!
5. a bread party?!
6. hm... that IS insightful!
7. well yes, sometimes it is nice to see the gray in between the black and the white :)
8. HA! I was just thinking about this. Living in CA, everything has a spanish or mexican name and I can't stand it when people pronounce it wrong! like Cabrillo. It bugs the heck out of me when people say ca-brill-oh. two L's in spanish say Y. IT'S CA-BREE-OH! :P
9. that's ok
10.What's life with out jumping off swings?

Jude said...

ugh, look how big titus is!! i am going to watch the video, even though i have not eaten a mcdonalds hamburger since i was 15. (lincoln loves them... ugh!)

nicole said...

that last shot made me lol :) love it!

Dr. L said...

I have a couple of friends who live in Rockville, MD. They're currently in a 1bdrm apartment and are house shopping. I can ask her about her realtor and I know she found the world's largest Whole Foods (or so she calls it). They've been there since August and they love it, hence the house shopping. If it's anything like PA you should be able to find some great farms/CSAs around there. OH! And you'll be only 3 hours from me now.... definitely doable for weekend coffee!!