Thursday, February 23, 2012

That's me!

Ever since he was teeny, I would sing, "Who's that baby?" after wrapping him up in a fluffy towel, straight from the tub. Our own rendition of "Who's That Lady?" A song I've never actually listened to in it's entirety.

I guess I let that little bathtime tradition slip a little the last few months. Tonight, he looked at himself in the mirror with a knowing grin. I didn't make it past the first question before he was doubled over laughing. "That's me!" I sang the question again, "Mommy! That's me!" The third time I asked, for clarity, he grabbed my cheeks and turned my face towards him, "Mommy...that's me."

To keep it going, I sang, "Well then, who's that lady?"
"That's Titus's lady."

I hope he doesn't figure out he's not a baby anymore...


Corey said...

he is SO cute!

Jude said...