Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Hey, watch this!"-Simon
"Uh oh."-Titus

Funny the amount of intuition he has.

"It only has three chords! Even a six year o...even you could play it!"-Simon, explaining "Ring of Fire" to his father.

"Hey, Neighbor, want to come to my house? I have apples," he added, hopefully.
"I'm good."-Neighbor/Amber(Titus interchanges her name and her relative location to our house).

Every time I've felt completely out of control of my life, I get my haircut.
I have an appointment for next Thursday.
I bought a yellow chair at a junque shop the other day. I am so completely in love with it. Yellow is my new happy color. You can't feel down when wearing yellow. I have four yellow shirts and a pair of yellow Chucks. All purchased within the last month. Somehow, I still feel pretty down. :/

One of my most favorite people has helped me solidify my homeschool plan for my upcoming fourth and first/second graders. It's been so fun to have someone to talk shop with. To bounce ideas off of someone, debate programs, discuss pros and cons...it's refreshing and so helpful. I am so excited to get our stuff ordered!

Speaking of, this is the plan so far...
History: SOTW, audio + SOTW activity book + Kingfishers History Encyclopedia + Veritas Press cards

Math: Singapore Math 1, 4

Grammar: Growing with Grammar 1,4
Literature: Charlotte Mason reading list -although, Felix doesn't fall into the 1st gr. category here at all. He is somehow reading on par with Simon!
Spelling, Vocabulary: Soaring with Spelling 1,4(possibly 5)

Science: Evan Moore Daily Science(S), Evan Moore Daily Science(F) OR AIG

Geography: Geography Songs

Art: any suggestions? Drawing with Children or Aritistic Pursuits
Music: Great Composers, guitar and piano and/or drum lessons.

I reeeeeally want to take another crack at Rosetta Stone German with the boys.

I am getting stir crazy to get to MD. Also, if anyone needs a realtor there, I have a great one to recommend. :D

My brain is fried thanks to a certain MAN keeping me on Skype til 1230am. Not going to make it to ten...


Corey said...

1-3 very funny!
4. don't cut it! :D
5. I LOVE yellow. When we go shopping, Megan always says Look mommy, YELLOW!
6. did you guys go to the HS fair?
7. Sounds like a good plan. We used daily science last year for Jake. for art maybe you guys could take a class at a local community center or something? or just play with paint!
I hear a lot of really good things about Rosetta Stone. A lot of people in our charter school use it. I met a girl last year who used it to learn Celtic. Seriously, I had no idea that even existed! LOL! Who needs to learn Celtic?
8. you're almost there!

Kimberly White said...

A good list! Good for you for homeschooling ... I could never do it. (also I really really love the school that Joel is going to). And I hope you get that chaos feeling out soon! Kim

Jude said...

hey neighbor... hilarious!
i know where you can get a free haircut ;)
you are planned out!! good for you!