Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Taking twelve pictures of my day turned into taking 400+ pictures of my day. I tend to get carried away when a camera is handy. Like right now. Felix fell asleep in my bed and he looks so, so sweet. Even though it's 1:15 in the morning and pitch black in my room, I'll still attempt a photo.
This one started the day off by grabbing the drawstring of my pajama pants and saying, "C'mon, horsey." My non-chalant cowboy. :)
 Photos 2-3...anyone care to guess how our school day went?

Dancing like a monkey. The animal references are about as frequent as bodily function references around here.

I said, "Give me a thumbs up."
Grandpa said, "That's about as cliche as telling a cheerleader to ra-ra."

 A quick game of Nab-it with Simon while Feefs was in the shower.
 A chapter of Encyclopedia with Feefs while Simon was in the shower. I'm a little impressed that my "Kindergartner" can read Encyclopedia. Flawlessly. And with emotion!

I said, "Hey, Felix. Let me tell you something."
He asked, "Is it a secret?"
I said, "Kinda. I just want you to know that when Simon was your age, he was still reading level readers."

Homeschool mamas, is it okay to instigate a little competition amongst siblings like that? It didn't make him boastful, it made him proud(in a good way).

He said, "Well, Simon is the smartest person I know!"

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