Sunday, March 04, 2012

breaking curfew

Spending the night
Waking up late
NOT leaving at 7am

Parallel parking, after many, many attempts
Cabo Fish Taco

IKEA on a Saturday
NOT skipping the showroom
Being stuck in the flow of Saturday IKEA Shoppers who were lame enough to bring kids along

Outlet shopping
Same mentality as IKEA shoppers
Slowness, slowness everywhere

Buying clothes for myself for the first time in...three years?
Buying snow boots(POOFPOOFs) for the first time ever
Buying clothes at the same store as Lauren

Picking out clothes for Lauren
Reminiscing about Lauren
Talking about things to teach her
Telling Mike not to let her hang on a boy. Ever.
Telling Mike not to let her ever act like the middle schoolers we saw at Starbucks. Ever.

Dinner at the slowest restaurant. Ever.
One last Starbucks to keep us awake on the drive home
Mike's attempt at drinking sugar free coffee
Mike's diabetic coma stroke
Rain rain rain
Laughing laughing laughing

Do we call?
Why haven't they called?
Crap, we need gas
Why are there no gas stations?

Breaking "curfew" by six hours
Reminding Grandma that I never broke curfew in high school. Ever.
Thanking Grandma for watching all six kids, all day long

Hearing about Titus shushing Grandma
Hearing about the fallout of shushing Grandma
Hearing about the fit he threw at bedtime

Hearing that Lauren gave him his bath

Thanking God that even though He didn't give me a girl, I have her
Thanking God for all the little girlies in my world
Thanking God that I get to buy hairbows without the committment of parenting a (pre)teenage girl

Finding this note on my pillow while crawling into bed:

"hi aunt crissy

i love you. your the best aunt and the coolest i have ever known. i really like all the pictures u take and all your scrapbooks.

p.s. i love your typewriter   -lauren"

What a coincidence.
You're the coolest (almost) eleven year old I have ever know.
Note to self: cherish this time, it's almost over.

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